Feminism Blogs

    The Cliterature Blog

    A blog about gender, language and sexuality (but not half as serious as that makes it sound). ...more

    The Clueless Crafter

    A site dedicated to exploring the broader implication of craft in our everyday lives.  Join other women as we explore the process and setbacks of becoming self made. ...more

    The Countess

    Is this your blog? If so, please claim it by listing your blog. ...more

    The Curvature

    The Curvature is a feminist blog about politics and culture. It primarily deals with U.S. events, but also discusses international issues when a feminist analysis is pertinent. Although written from a white, heterosexual, middle-class perspective, The Curvature aims to include and bring attention to issues effecting women of color, low-income women and the LGBTQ community. ...more

    The Dancing Alchemist

    I created this blog because I wanted to fill what I felt was a void on the Internet. I often find myself on the Internet searching for inspiration—artistic, culinary, but also spiritual. This is what you'll find at the Dancing Alchemist! Some great art, a few healthy recipes, links to songs that inspire, and some words of wisdom, without any cheese, I promise. Oh, I do also talk about dancing. I'm not out to proselytize, just share some sunshine from the great traditions of the world. Come dance with me in this Great Mystery that is life!...more

    The Dawn Chorus

    The Dawn Chorus - by Australian feminists, for Australian feminists. Fresh, feminist commentary on pretty much anything and everything. ...more

    The Demoiselles

    Location Seattle, WA United States See map: Google Maps “The hardest mind to change is that of a 20-year-old girl who hates herself.” -Lindsay (Editor, co-owner) TheDemoiselles.com is about many things – it’s about fashion, it’s about self-image, it’s about trends and body type and style – but more than anything, it’s about taking all of that stuff and making it yours. “I will never get back all of the years that I didn’t love my body....more

    The Discriminating Fangirl

    The Discriminating Fangirl is an interesting blend of girly and geek. Topics range from reviews to commentary to chatter, 32 flavors of pop culture, travel, and feminism, all with a healthy helping of cheerful fangirl. ...more

    The Diva Marketing Blog

    The E is for Erin

    Thoughts on motherhood from a feminist and fumbling newbie perspective, musings on life from a crunchy hippie slash bookwormy nerd, and a bit of working from home as a self-employed cartoon artist. Plus cute pictures of my kid - you can't go wrong!  ...more

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