Feminism Blogs

    The Egalitarian Bookworm Chick

    The lit-crit that makes Harold Bloom Cry, the media commentary that makes Joe Klein weep. ...more

    The F-word blog

    Contemporary UK feminism. ...more

    The Fat Social Worker

    The Fat Social Worker is a student at New York University. This blog aims to introduce the concept of fat as an identity worthy of discussion in social work discourses, and to have a place to talk about all the issues such as fat acceptance, feminism, anti-racism, LGBTQ issues and the media. ...more

    the fatal feminist

    Islamic feminism is more than a movement: it is a retrieval of the ways Islam had been practiced before and should be practiced still. It is the reclamation of the rights of women, from twisted patriarchal interpretations and mistranslations, back into the hands of the women to whom they belong. It is a return to understanding the Quran in the classical language in which it was delivered and the hadith in the contexts and specific conditions in which they were proclaimed, instead of through the lenses of a bigoted culture that uses them as political weapons....more

    The Female Perspective of Computer Science

    Today's technologies, projects and events from school, and women in the field. ...more

    The Feminine Context

    A fresh perspective from a sarcastic, pragmatic, unapologetic liberal. Humor can be injected into anything, if you stick it hard enough. ...more

    The Feminist Critic

    Providing weekly critiques of theatre, film, books, politics and pop culture from a feminist perspective....more

    The Feminist Underground

    The Feminist Underground is a blog about the political and social issues that face women, and about how feminism intersects with race, sexual orientation, and economic status. Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds, but all are women who have come to identify as feminists. ...more

    The Femme's Guide

    The Femmes Guide is a sex-positive femme queer collaborative blog meant to be a fun, enjoyable, educational, and sometimes snarky look at femmeininity and femme culture. ...more

    The Femmeinist Fucktoy

    The speculations and escapades of a sex-positive fat femme queer poly kinky switch (24/7 cuntpet and Domina). ...more

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