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    The Meanest Mom

    I am a thirty-one year-old mother of three preschoolers who know me as the "meanest mom in the world." This blog chronicles my daily struggle to coexist with my offspring. ...more

    The Misadventures of the Frog Queen

    An all purpose blog about knitting and life and how knitting relates to life with a tossed salad of politics, religion, and social issues.  ...more

    The Miss-Elaineous Life

    SAHM who likes to write about my family, friends, faith, fun. I try to make my take on life fun and humourous and show the joy that childen bring as well. I hope to branch out in 2008 and include more things on my blog. ...more

    The Mongoose Chronicles

    Description: On economics, feminism, feminist economics, the arts, fashion, sport, beauty, food and whatever else is left. Black, Caribbean liberal observations on the strange habits of an overfed generation. ...more

    The Never Boring Life of Me Julie Yack Blog

    Equal parts techie and non-techie view of my world.  Mix in some women's advocacy for flavor. ...more

    The Noobie Mom

    Adventures of a first time mom getting aquainted with the Joys of partent hood- through crafting, cooking and learning!...more

    The NotMom.com

    I looked so long for a place in cyberspace that spotlights and embraces women who don't have children by choice or by chance.  Finally I created it myself. NotMoms are a growing niche --  Share your stories, your legacies and holler "Hell yeah!" ...more

    The Odd Couple

    The Poughkeepsie Journal's own, Chrissie and Sarah, discuss 20-something lifestyles... for those both single and taken. ...more

    The Oncoming Hope

    A place of earnest commentary on media, politics and entertainment. And fun....more


    A blog by doctor Kate Meredith dealing with womens blogs....more

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