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    Winner or Whiner Fit Blog

    Winner or Whiner? Winners CHOOSE to be fit Whiners TRY not to quit ...more

    Winter Blues Blog

    Comfort, Support and Cures for the Winter Blues. ...more

    Wisdom Begun

    Blog about a kooky lady trying to figure out life. ...more

    wisdom within, ink

    "Writing to discover an authentic life."I am a writer and journal-writing instructor. I write about the writing life and offer journaling tips and prompts. I am also a mother of two who provide me with many funny stories....more

    Wise Woman Wisdom


    Are you over 35 and pregnant for the first time? If so, you’ve probably done a fair number of Google searches for “pregnancy over 35″ and found a bunch of depressing shit about amniocentesis, Down’s Syndrome, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and blah, blah, blah. Of course, the big wig sites in pregnancy never fail to mention that there are all of these increased risks to those of us who dare to conceive in our upper thirties and forties. All the world loves bad news, I suppose. But I don’t. So I made this blog. ...more

    Wishing on a Snowflake

    A blog about our journey through infertility and embryo adoption...more

    Wistfulgirl's World

    Diagnosed in 2008 with Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome, this blog details the journey of a 30-something couple to become parents....more

    Witches' Brew

    4 Witches who stir up a pinch of celebrity, pop culture, health, fitness and old fashioned common (which seems uncommon) sense....more

    With a Gentle Touch - Animal Reiki

    Energetic Healing to improve the health of and connection with your animal companions. Stories and information on animal health and wellness, healing and complementary medicine.  Support of Animal Resuce Groups, Animal Shelters and volunteerism.  Animal Reiki, Flower Essences, Crystals and Animal Behavior....more

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