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    (Gluten Free) Belle of the Desert

    Belle of the Desert is my personal blog. It's an outlet for sharing my thoughts, experiences, opinions and everything else that may pop into my brain from time to time.I am 31 years old, recently discovered that I am gluten intollerant and am making the switch to a gluten free lifestyle. I'm also a student of Psychology and a huge Phoenix Coyotes hockey fan. I counsel heroin addicts for a living at the moment....more
  • (not so) Ordinary Life

    Holla. ...more

    Love your blog!  It's got a great balance which kept me glued to the end.

    Enjoy ...more

    (The Handmade Project)

    A domestic girl in a material world....more

    (the never ending) Adventures in Fitness (& life)

    Trying to find the balace between what is desirable, what is achievable, and what is going to work in reality long term. I'm an artist, a photographer, a runner, a weightlifter, a mom, and more... Welcome to my world of Daily Chaos! ...more

    (w)rite here

    I am what I am, but I am not defined by what I am. I wish I was intelligent and beautiful, both of which I am not. I crave knowledge and read voraciously. I will read anything once and probably twice without hesitation. I am an adoptee reunited with my natural family in the Summer of 2009. Although my reunion was far from anything that I had hoped, I feel a bit more complete, whole. I still am searching for my place and identity that I feel might be lost forever....more

    * Hey Epiphora | Where sex toys go to be judged *

    Snarky, relentlessly honest sex toy reviews — with a smattering of sex industry critique thrown in for good measure. For almost six years, Hey Epiphora has been the antidote to the coy, euphemistic sugar-coating that plagues bad sex writing. You'll never see the terms “marital aid” or “battery-operated boyfriend” on this blog....more

    * Vegan Sparkles *

    Vegan food, love, life, laughter, and adventures around Perth, Western Australia....more

    - My Journey from FAT (329 lbs) to Fit One Healthy Choice at a Time -

    A Healthy Kitchen -- A fun and inspiring place to stop for tips, techniques and oodles of healthy recipes suitable to Weight Watchers, low fat, and other healthy diet programs. ...more

    ...and other such...

    Attorney, turned stay-at-home-wife/mom, turned writer just trying to put one word in front of another, succeeding (depending on the definition) in any given moment at one or two of those - and working diligently to upgrade the SAHM status to that of "trophy wife."...more


    Black beauty is one that is unique and indigenous only to those of african descent. Its evied and imitated by those who lack its distinctive traits. Yet, we don't seem to love or accept, but fear and reject it. Stop letting people tell you that only those with "good" hair can grow sensational lengths or can have a healthy, glorious crown. Stop putting cash in the underqualified stylists hands and learn to do it on your own. A 6 billion dollar industry, and not a cent of its going into your pockets. Reclaim your cash, and your pride. ...more

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