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    100 Days in Bed

    Location Los Angeles United States See map: Google Maps Two years ago, I had it all. An amazing job, a great boyfriend and a stable, wonderful family. Then my cousin died, my job went away, my boyfriend and I broke up and my Mom had a break down. This is my true story of how I went from having it all to having nothing at all. And this is my journey out - ONE FUN ADVENTURE at a time until I find my way back to me. 'Cause, after spending over 100 days in bed, I've realized, I don't want to live that way anymore....more

    100 Days to Hippie

    I'm an environmentally-conscious, twenty-something single mom living in Jacksonville, Florida....more

    14 Months to 50

    Welcome! My name is Lisa, I’m 48 years old and counting down the days to turning 50.  Wanting to be at maximum good health on my 50th birthday, I’m here to share my new healthy lifestyle —  featuring attempts at fitness, the best nutrition, and a successful weight-loss diet.  Please, enjoy my blog — I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions....more
  • 24 Blogazine

    AN ONLINE MAG BLOG that caters to the beautiful, fashionable, healthy and news conscious twenty somethings!...more

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    24 In My Mind

    Over-40 chick who thinks she's still 24; honest, funny, irreverent.  Encouragement for the girls....more

    25 Before 25

    As a way to add some excitement to the next 2 years of my life, at 23 I decided to make a list of 25 things to do before I turn 25. Some of them are personal goals, some professional, and others are just plain fun! My blog is not only one of those things but a way to keep track of how I'm doing! The list is admittedly ambitious and with just over 6 months to go, I've got a ways to go but whether I cross everything off or not, I'm definitely having fun doing it and I've learned a world of things along the way!...more

    25 Hours Wake Up Early, Get More Out Of Your Day. is the Premier Place for Early Bird Living. We’re dedicated to helping you embrace the joy of waking up early in the morning. Studies show that people who wake up early are among the happiest and most productive around....more

    30 Before 30 List

    Adventures of a twenty-something approaching 30...trying to complete my "30 Things to do Before 30 List" ...more

    365 Day Girl

    Real tips and tricks to living the Hot Girl lifestyle....more

    365 Days and 100 Pounds

    This chronicles the year long journey (at least) of a mom/wife/culinary student to lose 100 pounds. Beginning at 250 lbs. my daily posts highlight the struggles and successes of trying to become healthier in an environment overflowing with amazing, tempting foods....more

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