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    We Mixed Our Drinks

    Woman, 25, East of England. Interests include feminism, music, Christianity, left-wing politics, writing, the great outdoors, running, literature, travelling, wine, plotting, the Mitford sisters, activism, food, films, interiors, fashion, history, reminiscing, journalism, old-fashioned beach and countryside holidays, pubs, talking, ranting and generally getting on my high horse about things. ...more

    Wearing my BRCA Genes

    This blog chronicles my journey through the world of hereditary breast cancer. I found out at age 22 that I carried the BRCA1 gene, and at age 25 I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. My goal is to provide a complete picture of my experience for other young women who may have to go through similar experiences. I post articles, stories about my treatment, new research, and more. ...more

    Weekend Carnivore

    Vegetarian recipes that show that you don't have to be a vegetarian to love vegetarian food. ...more

    Weight And See

    I am keeping track of all the food I put into my mouth with the hopes of keeping myself accountable and receiving great advice to help me reach my weight loss goal and kick my emotional eating habit! ...more

    Weight by the SeaShore

    A personal path of weight loss and fitness. ...more

    Weight Diaries - Discoveries of a Former Exercise Addict

    This blog is about fitness, health, and nutrition.  While the focus is on health, it sometimes veers into kids, style, and everyday life. ...more

    Weight Loss Mother

    Weight Loss Mother is a blog with advice, reviews and giveaways for those who want to lose weight. Megan, aka Weight Loss Mother, is a mom of 2 who has lost 140 pounds. She loves to help others lose weight through her blog and advice. Twitter: @wtlossmother Facebook:

    Weight Loss Mother

    Weight Loss Mother is a blog by a Megan, a mom, who has lost 140 pounds. She gives advice, tips, tricks and reviews on weight loss products. She also hosts weight loss giveaways. Megan loves to help other people, especially moms, reach their weight loss goals....more

    Weight Loss Success Stories

    All about healthy ways to lose weight and focusing on other people's weight loss success stories. ...more

    Weight Wars

    Weight Wars is a journal of one womans battle with the scales. 33lbs down 120lbs to go. Join my adventures on the fitness and fat battlefield. ...more

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