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    60 Pounds 6 Haircuts

    How one big-hair-lovin'-Texas-turned-Los-Angeles-girl is going to lose 60 pounds, find herself, and rejoin 6 hair appointments or less ...more

    A Baby Proposal

    The adventures of one infertile woman dealing with PCOS, a bad thyroid and a husband with slow sperm. ...more

    A Baker and A Health Nut

    A simple story of a girl who loves to run, keep fit, be healthy with a mouth full of sweet-teeth!...more

    A Balanced Life

    Life coaching tips for women who want to find balance in life and work.  Real action steps and inspiration to guide you to a life of happiness and balance....more

    A Balanced Life, LLC

    This blog is intended to provide all women with information, resources and coaching to help them lead balanced and fulfilled lives. ...more

    A Better Balance

    A Better Balance is a personal blog- no gimmicks, no giveaways, no reviews: just an average woman trying to find the right balance with all the things going on in my life. I am a wife and a mother, working full time and keeping up with a house/yard, maintaining a healthy diet and an active life, and managing mental illness and a desire to be as normal as possible....more

    A Big Sister in Heaven

    A Big Sister in Heaven picks up the story of the Martin family 6 months after the death of their only child, Vivienne, to brain cancer at just 9 months old.  Infertile due to an emergency hysterectomy in childbirth, the Martin's are pursuing a Gestational Surrogacy to expand their family.  The blog discusses the emotional aspects of these decisions, as well as sharing resources about surrogacy, our ethical approach to IVF and strategies for managing the financial pressures involved. ...more
  • A Blob Blog

    A BLOB blog is about my journey with weight loss.  It's a long journey.  I struggle.  I succeed.  I cheat. I win.  Laugh. Cry. Whine. And vent.   Weight loss is difficult.  The blog reflects my challenges and my quest for health and wellness for once in my life.  Don't by shy. Drop by sometime and say hello.    ...more

    I just finished reading some of your blog andi personally commend you on doing the work to ...more

    A Blog About Everything Delicious In Life

    Candid and frank discussion about my journey in life.  Dating, relationships, family, cooking, eating, my fluffy children and my friends. ...more

    A Box of Chocolates

    In my blog I share the sweet, the mediocre, and the just plain awful experiences from the box of chocolates, that is my life. I often share the day to day adventures of my life as an elementary school teacher, mom to two adorable (if I do say so myself) kids, and wife to one amazing guy. I try to live each day to its fullest and this often means lots of juggling. So come over and help yourself to a sample of my box of chocolates! ...more

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