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    A November Chill

    Blog dedicated to health, fitness, nutrition, allergies, and anything else I feel like ranting about. ...more

    A Nurse with Ideas

    It's time that cooler heads prevail in the debate and work on health care reform in the US. As a registered nurse with experience in newborn nursery, ortho/spine hospital setting, home health and managed care I have ideas, not answers. Care to join me? ...more

    A Passage to Baby

    Born in South Florida, raised in Georgia, I met the man of my dreams late in life (36). Originally from India, but having lived in the US for over a decade, I snatched him up within months of his moving to Georgia. This blog details our cross-continent struggles we endure with infertility, my daily rantings, and occasional cultural differences. ...more

    A Perfect Day For SavannahFish

    Savannahfish follows the life of a twenty something girl living and working in Brooklyn, New York while she attempts to eat healthy, exercise, travel, decorate her apartment, take her dog to the park, enjoy time with her friends, and create a future with her boyfriend. It's a lifestyle blog, but who knew styling your life could be so much work!...more

    A Public Healthy Appetite

    A public health student with a weakness for french fries reluctantly attempts to eat and cook healthily and publicly. ...more

    A Quidnunc Smorgasbord

    Hi, ya'll! My name is Ann Liu and I started blogging at A Quidnunc Smorgasbord to journal my journey to achieve healthier eating habits. My weird blog title comes from my interest in anything and everything- a quidnunc is a busybody :) - so it's not just about food and exercise, but also includes my interests at the time! ...more
  • A Rendezvous With Sneakers

    I'm just a girl in her mid-twenties discovering what life is all about, learning how to juggle a career as a registered nurse with training for endurance races, living life to it's fullest, experimenting with my culinary skills, conscious of the environment. and sharing with the world what I've learned along the way. One step at a time....more
    Great material Molly. The pics are beautiful and the riding tales true to point/cycling ...more

    A Sagittarian Diet

    Location United States See map: Google Maps This is a personal chronicle of my battle with depression. I look for natural remedies and resources that are available to someone of extremely limited means, in other words, flat broke and uninsured. I take a more cathartic approach more suitable to my personality,and what I truly want from life. I happened to notice that my personality mirrors all those horoscope descriptions of my zodiac sign, which I thought was pretty cool. I still think depression is a dirty little secret for too many women. I've hid mine for years,until it dominated virtually every aspect of my life....more

    A Shot in the Dark

    My 10-year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes over one year ago. We've come a long way in a very short time, and I talk about it here. ...more
  • A Slip of a Girl

    Here I shop for panties and make many ranties. Lingerie is the fashion of passion, exploring it leads to issues of sex, gender, romance, media & body issues. Lingerie fashion news, deals, crafty DIY, photos, erotic stories, girly stuff and a rant or two on the industry. ...more

    I love your blog and I'm wondering if you would like to work together on a project I'm working ...more

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