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    A Woman My Age

    Longing Last night I was having a conversation with the male half of a couple I know about their difficulty in conceiving. Being somewhat of an expert of that myself, I commiserated about how much pressure there is in society to have a child - people are constantly asking about your babymaking timeline and such. ...more

    A Woman's Guide To Saner Living

    This is a place for women to have connections, build community and make change. I will talk about sane living, life balance, making choices for self-growth, how to say NO and still be a 'nice person' and lots more. And, while we are at it we will have fun! ...more

    A Woman's Heart Attack-Dr. Dori's Blog

    Dr. Dori blogs educate and create awareness about the number one killer of women-Heart Disease.  Stay up-to-date about the latest breaking heart news.  Her blogs are informative and inspirational as she shares her life and her personal journey of complete heart healing.     ...more

    A Year in the Skin

    A blog documenting the preparation for and execution of drastic physical changes (weight, body modification, and so on) of one woman in the year 2010....more

    A Yoga Journey

    A personal yoga journey that reflects my thoughts and experiences. ...more

    A Young Wifes Tale

    This blog is about being the young wife of a husband with a chronic illness. I talk about the challenges of Psoriatic Arthritis, and how I cope with my husband's constant pain by drinking too much Diet Coke and playing with our spoiled puppy. ...more

    Aaron. Brook. Liberty. Presley...The Parker's

    Location Arizona United States See map: Google Maps Family Blog of a Mama to two gorgeous little miracle preemie baby girls (11 and half months apart) & military wife to the most handsome man....more

    Abby Has Issues

        Basically, I run mental marathons in yoga pants and document my brilliant insights on my blog. I make you feel normal. The name comes from the fact that I’m a magazine writer and editor who started blogging as a way to write for enjoyment and not just employment....more

    Abby's Perfect Broken Heart

    Abby was born with a broken heart.  She had a serious congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot.  Her journey with a broken heart has included open heart surgery when she was months old and a pulmonary valve replacement at ten-years-old.  In October of 2011 at a routine cardioogy check-up Abby was diagnosed with heart failure.  Everything was done in an attempt to reverse the damage done to Abby's heart.  She used a temporary LifeVest/defibrillator, had a pacemaker/defibrillator surgically implanted, and was put on a number of medicines to help her heart wo...more

    About Life*

    Location United States See map: Google Maps About Life* is, simply, about life but from a small, one-person perspective.  Topics vary but includes personal finances, ways to improve the self, wedding planning, and  just updates on my life.  I'm a 20-something college student finishing my degree in Child and Family Development, planning my upcoming wedding, applying for Graduate school, and caring for my pets and fiancée in Georgia. ...more

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