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    Vegetable Gardening For All

    Discover how to grow all types of vegetables in your garden. Whether you use raised beds or have a vegetable patch find out how you can grow delicious tasting vegetables in your garden....more

    Vegetarian Dining Reviews in NJ and NYC

    In this blog, I write up reviews of a variety of vegetarian or vegan restaurants in NJ and in NYC.  I love to try new restaurants and to share those views with others with similar interests. ...more

    Veggie Scene

    We are total veggie heads, offering light-hearted and witty commentary on news pertaining to vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians or anyone trying to live a more conscious lifestyle. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we love to blur the line between pop culture, fashion, current events and the veggie lifestyle....more

    Veggie Vixen

    Veggie Vixen is geared towards women, but can be useful for anyone.  It focuses on living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, by eating vegan, making your own natural beauty and household products, and other tips for living a more natural and holistic life :)...more

    Velvet Steamroller

    On feminism, women's magazines, body image, and flotsam in my gray matter. ...more


    VenusVision is an online resource for women, providing information and inspiration without the negative messages found in traditional media that promotes the idea that every woman should look thinner, prettier, sexier, and other ideals that are often unattainable. ...more

    Very American Girl Living in Australia

    I'm a 26 year old American living in Sydney, Australia.  I'm 8000+ miles away from home and this is my story about cultural adjustment and learning to deal with negative American stereotypes.  I also talk a lot about dating and my struggles to work my way back into the single world after a 4 year long emotionally draining relationship. I make fun of myself a lot in this aspect - who knew I'd be so dating challenged? ...more

    Vespa Voyages

    Take OffAn outstanding adventure is brewing in my imagination.  I want to ride my Vespa from Paris through Western France and down to Southern France to Nice to explore the Chagall Museum.  When I was a teenager I read a whole slew of biographies of artists and scientists and noticed that many of them came into their own around 45.  They made their greatest discoveries, created works that were truly unique or found it within themselves to challenge themselves in new and amazing ways.In my case, the challenge isn't the challenge itself but navigating the myriad...more

    Vestellas Vale

    My soul mission is to share beauty, & thoughts on natural health & well being; to be true to my own wisdom & spark that in others. ...more

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