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    Waxing Kara

    We share recipes made with raw honey, some are very quick to prepare, some take a little more time....more

    We Are One World Healing

    This blog has the dual purpose of facilitating an ever-growing group-effort to heal the planet, nature and humanity, and to offer personal healing help for everyone individually. I. 'We Are One World Healing'- initiative Join Our Monthly Sessions to Heal Our World. During the sessions, from wherever we are, we (an ever growing group from around the world) collectively send loving, healing energy to all people, animals, all other sentient beings and our beloved planet Earth. Every full moon. ...more

    We Are The Sea

    The blog of a relatively hip 20-something counting down to 30-something with fervor. Blogging about love, art, crafting, zombies, and all the little nuances of life that cause a girl to freak out. ...more

    We Can Prevent Cervical Cancer

    This is the official blog of Tamika & Friends, Inc. -- a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancerand its link to HPV(human papillomavirus). Founded in 2005 by cervical cancer survivor and advocate Tamika Felder, our network of survivors and their friends spread the essential message that through education, prevention and treatment, cervical cancer can be entirely eliminated. Believing that creative communication is far more infectious than HPV – we provide many hands-on ways to spread the word to women in all walks of life....more

    We Keep Choosing Us

    Sharing my thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, feelings, experiences, vices, efforts, obsessions, hopes, fears, faith, love, failures, and achievements with anyone interested in reading the meandering mind and OCD tendencies of Tori. ...more

    We Kin Get Thin

    A brother & sister team, set out to lose weight, get healthy, and gain some self-acceptance. ...more

    We Mixed Our Drinks

    Woman, 25, East of England. Interests include feminism, music, Christianity, left-wing politics, writing, the great outdoors, running, literature, travelling, wine, plotting, the Mitford sisters, activism, food, films, interiors, fashion, history, reminiscing, journalism, old-fashioned beach and countryside holidays, pubs, talking, ranting and generally getting on my high horse about things. ...more

    Wearing my BRCA Genes

    This blog chronicles my journey through the world of hereditary breast cancer. I found out at age 22 that I carried the BRCA1 gene, and at age 25 I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. My goal is to provide a complete picture of my experience for other young women who may have to go through similar experiences. I post articles, stories about my treatment, new research, and more. ...more

    Weight And See

    I am keeping track of all the food I put into my mouth with the hopes of keeping myself accountable and receiving great advice to help me reach my weight loss goal and kick my emotional eating habit! ...more

    Weight by the SeaShore

    A personal path of weight loss and fitness. ...more

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