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    What Katie Said

     I blog about weight loss (70 lbs going on 80!), food & clean eating, running, healthy living and health & food politics and policy. I live in Alexandria, VA with my husband and cat....more

    What The Jules

    Location The OC United States See map: Google Maps Hello and Welcome. I am Jules. I am here for one reason only, to exorcise my own chronic illness daemons in a way that will hopefully help others. My favorite thing to do in the course of self-healing is to laugh. Sometimes that comes out in ways that seem inappropriate, so give me a chance, I promise I will redeem myself....more

    What to Expect When You're Not Expecting

    Fighting infertility, from surgery to IVF to pregnancy. Now expecting a little one in August. ...more

    What To Feed Your Kids: Our Gluten Free Family

    A blog about how nutrition impacts development and how a homemade, unprocessed, gluten free life can be profoundly satisfying--and FUN! With a ton of information on  chronic problems, such as celiac and autism, and a lot of tasty and kid friendly recipes, my blog, What To Feed Your Kids gives you research and recipes that can change your life. ...more

    What We Wish You Knew-Supporting Your Loved Ones in Infertility.

    What We Wish You Knew: Supporting Loved Ones in Infertility Our infertility journey has persisted the better part of 3 years and in that time, we've been through a lot of stages ranging from anger, to ambivalence, to acceptance. In that time we've also encountered a lot of well meaning "advice" and "encouragement" from friends and family that very often, is more hurtful or confusing than helpful. These are ...more

    What's Eating Natalie

    A candid account of recovering from anorexia and bulimia....more

    Whats Cooking Blog

    The What’s Cooking Blog is about cooking with kids for a better body, planet and community… As a Certified Green business owner who teaches healthy cooking classes to kids, it seemed only natural for Michelle to join the blogging world - What’s Cooking Blog shares recipes, tips on cooking and planning meals with kids, and ideas of how we can help our community and planet through food and cooking. ...more

    Wheatless Rochelle

    Vegetarian and gluten free recipes, cooking and baking, nutrition information, whole food advocacy, restaurant and book reviews, and random rambles about raising my kids to be happy and healthy....more

    Wheelchair Dancer

    Wherever You Go, There You Are

    Location New York City United States See map: Google Maps Expect: Public relations musings, travel quips, yoga bliss, news snippets, New York-isms and deep thoughts. A die-hard New Yorker, I’m a yoga enthusiast, amateur foodie, pescetarian, believer in doing the right thing, culture vulture, karaoke maven, traveler, forever newlywed and volunteer. As the t-shirt says, Life is Good. Beware: Comic relief, cerebral commentary, sarcasm and A-HA moments. In short, my heart (and blog) beats for public relations, yoga, healthy eating, food finds, travel and New York City....more

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