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    Billionaire Woman

    Billionaire Woman - Showing women how to regain their innate power and flourish. ...more

    Bio Girl

    I am a twenty-something, newly-married biologist who has convinced myself that people may be interested in reading my random thoughts. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband, a perfect dog, the best friends in the world, and a family that would make anyone jealous. Amazingly, I still find things to complain about... ...more

    bionic ear

    Adventures of a gal who is deaf and received a bionic ear. ...more

    Bionic Pony

    My blog over at blogspot.  I created it as we are in the process of getting ready to try for a baby.  And, I have rheumatoid arthritis.  I'm hoping I'll be able to connect to other women who are going, or have gone through similar things, and just great people in general :)...more

    Bipolar and Me

    A bipolar girl trying to make sense of the world. Bipolar doesn't mean who I am, it just happens to be what I am, and does it really affect my day to day life? I'm trying to figure that out. ...more

    Bipolar Blast--updated URL

    This blog is documentation of my journey off psych meds. This is a slow and grueling process. Slow it should be. Grueling–well it seems there is no other way. I’ve been at it for three years and could have as much as another three years to go. ...more

    Bipolar Chick 2 the Rescue

    Eradicating Shame, Blame and Toxic Niceness towards Bipolar Disorder. ...more

    bipolar chicks blogging

    From our blog bio: This is a work in progress; and so are we. A work in progress at a chaotic time…but; we’ll pull it together, we always do…we have so far. We’re four women who met while undergoing a stressful turning point in our lives. Here, we’re sharing a bit of what continues to get us through, what heals us…our secret to survival. ...more

    Bipolar Knitter

    Location Dayton, Ohio United States See map: Google Maps My adventures with pregnancy, parenting, bipolar disorder, and knitting....more

    Bipolar Wellness Writer

    An irreverent and quirky blog on bipolar and depression wellness written by Susan Bernard, the author of Bipolar Depression: A Survivor Speaks Out. It includes outside-the-box wellness activities, tips, information, and advice on healing. ...more

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