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    Bass Ackwards

    Random Thoughts of a Clumsy Girl....more

    Battle Dress U

    A home fitness blog following a woman's recovery from knee problems and her desire to get those perfect 6 pack abs. ...more

    BC/DC Ideas

    BC/DC is a creative team who blogs social media strategy, advertising, communications, healthcare, gardening, Gen-Y career development and so much more random stuff. Poke around our site and see what we’re up to....more

    Be Fit With Biray

    The purpose of this blog is to discover, discuss, and document how technology influences health & fitness industry. Everything related to blogging, podcasting, cell phones, YouTube, Facebook, video games, electronics, social media, Google - you name it - if people are using it, then I want to know how it can be used (or is already being used) to enhance the impact of our health professionals, exercise enthusiasts, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and wellness educators. ...more

    Be Fit With Kristen

    Location CBC Fitness & Training Club 73 Bow Street, Somerville MA 02148 United States See map: Google Maps Being very passionate about health and fitness,  my goal is to inspire you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  I blog about all things health and fitness related.  In addition to fitness tips, I also provide healthy recipe recommendations....more

    Be Healthy, Be Well, Be Inspired

    I am a registered nurse and I write about the mind, body, spirit connection.  My interest lies in health promotion and prevention.   In addition, I have health tips and recent medical updates that I share with my readers. My blog is centered towards non-medical people where I write in easy to understand terminology....more

    Be Not Simply Good

    My name is Melissa. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and two children. Henry David Thoreau said, “Be not simply good; be good for something.” I have found that it is possible to be ‘good’ without really striving or growing. My goal, as Thoreau put it, is to be not simply good, but to be good for something. Be Not Simply Good documents my effort to make good choices in the small things as I strive to live a healthy life and positively impact my family and community....more

    Be Sweetly Inspired

    Hey y'all! I'm Lauren, a gluten free wife, mommy, "bonus (step) mom," yoga practitioner/student/teacher, designer and small business owner of Be Sweetly Inspired. Whew that's a lot of titles! Really, I like to make things up, things that inspire me and other folks. I like words, images, videos, simplicity and sometimes chaos! I blog about my DIY adventures as I decorate, organize and redecorate my home and my life! I play with and adapt gluten free recipes, mostly sweets and treats....more

    Be The Cake

    I am a mother of two, one teenage, one four year old with a diagnosis of Autism. I am a baker for fun, working in public television for career and fun. I am a beginning trail runner combatting a life long struggle with weight and body image issues. I write about all of it in the hopes of figuring it all out. Along the way, I share some really good recipes. ...more

    Be Well Holistically

    Be Well is my philosophy of holistic health and wellness which I discovered after years of education, healthcare experience, research and my personal journey.My five fundamentals to Be Well include: nutrition-vegetarian style balancing activity and rest mindful health-mental and emotional well being social and occupational wellness spiritual well-being A balance of these areas is what being well is to me. I will be blogging about topics that fall under any of these five fundamentals. ...more

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