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    Be Who You Are...

    My daily rant and rave is my own treasure hunt to discover the true me. Along the way, I hope I inspire others to live a full life, question everything, take a long look in the mirror, and discover happiness in their own skin. As women we tend to put everything and everyone ahead of ourselves, and my blog is an attempt to look out for #1, and to motivate and inspire other women to do the same! ...more

    Be YOU at Be Me

    Location FREE community support group 2277 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA, 92106 'Be Me' Speaks weekly support group United States See map: Google Maps It is at, you will find support, encouragement, self acceptance tools, real life experiences and a bit of humor. Whether you struggle with yo -yo dieting, self doubt, body insecurities, disordered eating, an addiction, or do not feel as though being YOU is enough, you will find support and acceptance here by reaching out at this site....more

    Bea - Not even an educated guess.

    I'm not a mum, but I'd like to be. I work full-time as a contractor to a young and rapidly growing business in New Zealand. I'm married to a rock-loving, technology savvy, crazy-hot stud. You may consider that to be a biased opinion but they are my facts. ...more
  • Beach Walks with Rox

    Join Roxanne and her dog Lexi in Hawaii for their daily video Beach Walk where she talks about life, business, relationships and takes your calls on the Conch Line at 949-544-1456 or skype:roxannedarl ...more

    This blog is a brilliant example of an integrated life - Roxie uses an entertaining video format ...more

    Bean A Foodie

    My name is Maria Tadic and I’m a nutrition expert, die hard foodie and the author of the blog Bean A Foodie.  I started Bean A Foodie so that I could share my recipes, cooking tips and advice, nutrition expertise and my opinions on great products, places and restaurants I’ve visited.   I typically post 3 times a week – Monday’s showcase a either a new recipe, unique ingredient or cool foodie spot, Wednesdays feature my How-To series, and I delve deeper into nutrition issues on my Nutrition Focused Friday’s....more

    BeanDiet - All about nutrition - but what you're not likely hearing elsewhere.

    After giving a very long, in-depth essay of myriad studies relating dairy consumption and prostate cancer in men, The Cancer Project (headed up by Neal D. Barnard, M.D.) gives us this conclusion: ...more

    Beautiful With Brains

    Beautiful with Brains is a blog about all things beauty: : makeup and skincare tips, FOTDS, tutorials on makeup looks and techniques, informations about the latest collections and product launches, info on cosmetic ingredients and lots more. ...more

    Beautiful Wreck

    Thirty-something, married, homeschooling mother of five who is foul mouthed, loves Jesus, addicted to sex, and rants and raves about the craziness that surrounds her life and the world around her. ...more

    Beautiful You

    Celebrity Body Bullying. Helpful to None. Harmful to All. When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a rich & famous movie star & singer. I wanted the double barrel. A string of hit movies AND sold out concert tours. I wanted it all. Now, as a grown woman, I would not want to be a rich & famous movie star or singer for the world itself. ...more

    Beauty & The Breast

    I also post on ...more

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