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    Dear Body

     I am a 40 yr old woman who's FINALLY starting to learn to love her body *at least in the beginning* stages after 12 years of outpatient programs, 2 inpatient and 1 hospitalization. I've been writing letters to my body from myself and vice versa, throwing some at ED too. It's been unbelievable what I've accomplished by doing this. I really think I'm "done" with the eating disorder and ready to love and embrace myself. It's just been amazing since I've started writing the letters. ...more

    Dear Experience:

    True happiness is not about the things we possess but the experiences we live....more

    Dear Fertile People

    Things an infertile girl wants you to know....more

    Dear Gherkin

    A blog about getting back on the horse after too many days in the stirrups. ...more

    dear jane dialogues

    Rebecca Martin, founder and owner of dear jane… a career advisement company... believes that people can be elated, gratified, and prosperous with their careers. She is passionate and driven to help people achieve their career goals and succeed. ...more

    Dear Reilly

    Another lesbian couple hits the fertility trail. Journaling our trials, tribulations and triumphs along the way. ...more

    Dear Thyroid

    Dear Thyroid™ is a literary support community for thyroid disease and cancer patients. When it comes to talking about our disease, we’re full of humor, irreverence, candor, sorrow, and anger. Our site is written by thyroid patients, for thyroid patients. Dear Thyroid™ is changing the way we talk about thyroid disease and cancer. We are starting a new conversation using YOUR words. We are a new voice. We are making this disease sexy. We are changing the face of thyroid disease and we want you in on the action. Join our discussion at!...more

    Deciding For Life

    Each adoption experience is a personal journey, this is one is mine - along the way, I laughed, I cried, I learned something about myself and I'm sharing it here with you....more

    Deciphering Kate

    A blog about a young woman understanding herself and the odd world around her. ...more

    Dee Gets Fit! ...Sharing my journey to a healthier me.

    I am a twenty-something wife, mother of one, with a fast-paced career in business. In the past, I’ve not taken the time to focus on me, and my personal health and fitness. I am a habitual stress eater, an over eater and never took the time to exercise. I always had an excuse. ...more

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