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    Diagnosis: Urine

    Answering the question, "Why is the floor all sticky?" since 2002. ...more


    Canadian grad student creates a dialogue between theology, academia, love and life, or anything important in her 20-something life. ...more

    Diane's Big Green Purse

    Hi! Diane's Big Green Purse highlights ways women can use their consumer clout to protect the planet. It offers Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down product reviews, analyses of eco-products, book reviews, political commentary, plus occasional green shopping tips and lifestyle suggestions (more of those are on my Big Green Purse website). ...more
  • Diary of a deaf girl

    All about the [not so wild] adventures of living with deafness while being married and raising children. After recently having surgery to receive a Cochlear implant, I'm now writing about my post operative experiences and the battles ahead as my implant fails to activate properly, leaving me again as a woman battling deafness....more
    Hello! I am curious to know if you would like to guest post on my website sometime? Contact me ...more

    Diary of a Dieting Dietitian

    My life as a serial dieter. ...more

    Diary of a Dieting Diva

    I'm a mother on a journey to lose weight and become healthy, including my journey, recipes, things going on in my life.  Share my ups and downs on my way to a healthy life....more

    Diary of a Loser

    I've lost about 30 lbs. in the past year, and am frequently asked the question "what did you do?"  Well, instead of giving one-on-one answers, I'm writing it all out here on my blog where I can talk about what in fact I did to lose the weight, and the most difficult part - keeping it off!!  I'll be sharing insights as to my own struggle, obstacles I overcame, as well as interesting facts I've acquired along the way. ...more

    Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman

    In January, 2010, I started a journey to transform my life, my body, and my health.  Topping the scale at almost 300lbs, I knew that I had to do something to change my life - or I wouldn't have much of it left.  I began documenting the changes I had planned for my life, and sharing the accomplishments I made.  Now, I am 45lbs lighter - and that number is increasing.  I want my blog to spread the word that anyone can lose weight and get fit - if they want to.  Diets don't work, and the only way to see results that last is to redesign your lifestyle.  My blog hel...more

    Diary of a Miracle

    Diary of a Vegan

    Writer. Food lover. Natural health nut. Passionate vegan. Welcome to my musings about being a 30-something vegan girl living in a meat-eating world. Comments, insights and recipes welcome! Get in touch at

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