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    Diary of an ex-foodie

    This diary chronicles my journey from a meat eating diet to a high raw diet. My family still loves to eat meat so I have to find a way to make both our diets work. In some ways I feel like I'm more of a foodie now than I was on a cooked diet. My plate is always beautiful and colorful. I'm always the last one at the table to finish eating because I love to savor every bite of my fresh,raw, crunchy fruits and veggies. ...more


    Location San Diego, CA United States See map: Google Maps Promoting outdoor adventures and healthy living as a way to empower women of all ages to be leaders, take risks, believe in themselves and embrace a love for nature and a dedication to preservation....more

    Diet and Weight Loss News

    Weight Loss and Weight Loss Surgery News! Read the latest serious news about Gastric bypass, lapband, diet pills,diet plans, Toga procedure, Spearole tea etc. ...more

    Diet Drama

    Losing weight isn't just tough, it's all out drama! ...more

    Diet It Up

    I’m a health-conscious foodie with a passion for cooking. Diet It Up is a home-cooking site on a mission to convince skeptics that healthy food can also be fun to prepare and most importantly, delicious to eat. This blog is a forum to share my own recipe creations, review other chef’s ideas and give advice to food-lovers seeking a healthier lifestyle. ...more

    Diet Meals Recipes

    It's about great figure, good health and good life. ...more

    Diet Pulpit

    Blogging With Fattitude - On a quest to live healthy to 100 and beyond, lose over 150 lbs and doing it with F.A.T. attitude (fabulous, awesome, tenacious!), humor, raw honesty, and a bit of fire and brimstone. Don’t be a fool, eat for fuel! Hallelujah! ...more

    Diet Tip Daily

    This blog helps girls and women achieve a healthy weight, and then maintain it. Occasionally I rant about the use of women as sex objects, the fact that women are too ready to settle for the stereotypical woman's role instead of being an adventurer. They waste too much time obsessing over their appearance and weight, or other women's appearanec and weight, and not enough time playing sports, climbing mountains, reading about science and math, and so on....more


    This is the journey of Sarah Chapman.  At 35 years old, I found myself weighing 360 pounds. In my head I heard the old joke "I'm in shape, ROUND is a shape." I decided right then I would start changing my life. This blog is my journey....more


    No jargon. No nonsense. Just a straight talking qualified dietitian, giving advice and sharing knowledge, hoping to equip individuals to begin taking the right steps to better health. ...more

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