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    Ditching Diets

    I created this health & fitness blog as a way to provide coaching all around the world. You will find healthy recipes, workout videos, and fitness tips. Being a mom, you'll also find family friendly workouts and yummy treats!  ...more

    Diva Toolbox Blog

    The mission of the Diva Toolbox is to empower, educate, and entertain women. We seek to provide insight into issues that affect women, to inspire women to achieve, to educate women in both practical and intellectual subjects, to offer a forum for discussion, and to create a supportive and nurturing community. The Diva Toolbox presents timely articles, engaging stories, powerful testimonials, and wise words from members of our community. We offer a forum for discussion, and an opportunity for differing viewpoints ...more

    Diva-Living is more than a blog about living like a diva. Its a personal blog on total random daily topics!...more

    Divatastic Gladiator

    My blog is a place for me to share my passions of cooking, eating and adventures.  Along the way i amuse myself and hopefully make someone else laugh and gain inspiration....more

    Divine Foods Living

    Divine Foods Living is Shilpi's quest for exploring the divinity of food, the recipes are developed wisely for exotic flavors, efficient digestion and the proper assimilation of nutrients and all with good intentions of health, healing and vibrancy....more

    Divinely Crafty

    Crafting,Creating and Coping. Sometimes just making a mess. Join me as I cope with the challenges and celebrate the victories of a life lived with chronic illness - one creative moment at a time. ...more

    DIY Life: We're All Doing It Ourselves These Days...

    Thoughts on Doing-It-Yourself as well as tips, tricks and observations about taking care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being. This blog is both personal, because I’ll talk a lot about the problems and challenges that I’m facing, and professional, in that it's offering you information on the solutions that are working for my patients so that you can see how they work for you in your life too. I’m Dr. Amy Neuzil, ND.  I’m a Naturopathic Doctor and the author of DIY Health: For Women.  I’m also the creator of Dr....more

    Do Better

    The journey of an ordinary housewife doing better. ...more

    Do you have that in my size???

    I'm just your average, everyday, divorced 39 year old girl -- overweight, tragically unhip, and trying to make a life for myself. I live with two furry beasts, Dave and Abby, whose feline mission in life is to choke me with their fur. ...more

    Doc Gurley - Posts from an Insane Healthcare System

    Dr. Jan Gurley, a board-certified internist physician, is the <em>only </em>Harvard Medical School graduate, ever, to have been awarded a Shoney's Ten-Step Pin for documented excellence in waitressing. She brings a wry humor and hard-nosed practicality to health topics of all kinds - treatment, research, trends, politics, and even how to deal with doctor-egos....more

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