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    Exploring Beauty Project

    The Exploring Beauty Project, founded in 2009, is a series of images paired with inspirational words from volunteer  models. The project aims to redefine the perceptions of beauty beyond age and size both in Europe and United States....more

    Express The Sensual: Pole Dancing Lessons & Expert Advice with a Sensual Spin

    A FREE weekly blog aimed at Woman who want to feel sexy, playful, and empowered in their daily lives. ...more

    eye heart internet

    Sassy Fancypants is a nearly froggy native Alaskan who lives in a medeival village located on the banks of the Rhône. Likes : foie gras with muscat wine, spying on local village folk, Manboy, maltese dogs. Dislikes : when someone rubs a towel against their teeth, having to say, "I'm just kidding" after a joke, French spelling, andouillettes. She writes about her jerky ovaries and futile attmeps at conceiving, life an an expat, gastromony, oil painting and navel gazing galore.   ...more

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