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    Eating Beautiful is a blog dedicated to promoting healthy eating and body acceptance.

     I am writing EatingBeautiful while completing a nationally recognized dietetics program with a view to fulfilling my dream to serve in my community as a Registered Dietitican/Wellness Advocate - helping my neighbors heal themselves through lifestyle changes rather than living at half potential filled to the gills with chemicals, crippled by sideffects. EatingBeautiful is designed help you sift through the overwhelming amount of health and wellness information we are all confronted with on a daily basis and escape the dieting trap....more

    Eating Journey

    Eating Journey is a place where my story of 100lbs+ of weight loss, body image, self image, cooking, recipes, life, and fitness are discussed.Eating Journey has been the place where the Exposed Movement has catapulted into women and men taking the plung and exposing their bodies and thoughts about their bodies. It has been a world-wide movement to promote realistic and positive body/self image.Eating Journey also highlights gluten/dairy/sugar free original recipes....more

    Eating-Naturally: Advice, Tips, Resources on Good Eating Habits, Food Addiction, Emotional Eating & Natural Weight Loss

    Resources on Good Eating Habits, Food Addiction, Emotional Eating & Natural Weight Loss.   Come share your best tips and opinions in the discussion section.  Have questions?  Ask them in the Ask an Expert section. ...more


    Eclectic Effervescence

    Eclectic Effervescence is my journey through life...beautiful views and bumps in the road included.  ...more

    Eclectic Recovery

    Eclectic Recovery is a resource, support environment and community portal for women in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. As the name implies, Eclectic Recovery does not subscribe to any one model of recovery, but seeks to integrate all aspects of a woman’s life into her sobriety plan. ...more


    Crafty, Jewish, nerdy, fat, mommy. Got a problem with that?...more

    Effortless Eating for Healthier Bodies

    Written by a naturopath (ND) and award-winning cookbook author, Effortless Eating for Healthier Bodies focuses on healthy eating and natural living. Topics include recipes, food sensitivities, herbal and homeopathic remedies, and clean foods. As a mom living with MS, special attention is given to children's health and multiple sclerosis diets....more

    Eggsurance Blog

    Eggsurance, everything egg freezing, is a community for proactive women who want to ensure they have the option of having children – just not right now....more

    Eighty Twenty

    Eighty Twenty is a blog dedicated to providing you with 80% healthy recipes and 20% not-so-healthy but fantastic and delicious recipes.  Life is all about balance, and healthful eating should be as well.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 80/20 way of eating can allow you to live without deprivation. This blog will also provide you with nutrition and exercise tips to help you achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible!...more

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