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    Escents Aromatherapy Blog

    Escents AromatherapyNature Works....more

    Essays on life, body image, creativity, relationships, motherhood, music and other things that touch our lives.

    I am a mystery novelist (Chosen Quarry, PublishAmerica 2004); blogger, mother of two, married, East Coast transplant writing on a variety of topics with heart and truth. Read my essays on life, body image, relationships, parenting, music and many other topics. I look forward to your feedback....more

    Ethical Consumer

    Canadian online source for ethical, green, fair-trade and eco-friendly products and services available to consumers in Canada. ...more

    Euphoric Roots

    Location Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand Sprouting Well-being + Cultivating Empowerment From The Ground Up Cheryl is a personal development coach and mentor who helps women to free themselves from weight issues, chronic stress, and discover their euphoria through manageable lifestyle changes. ...more

    Eva Muerde La Manzana

    Location Spain A blog in Spanish about evolutionary health, nutrition and lifestyle with lots of paleo and primal recipes, illustrated with beautiful photos....more

    eve's health & fitness


    A weight loss blog by a girl in Manchester, UK trying to become half the woman she used to be using Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin, hypnotherapy and NLP. ...more

    Every Breath I Take

    I believe we are all trying to meet some very basic, very human needs with every single thing we say or do. But, I also believe we are rarely aware of these underlying motivations. Finally, I believe that the first step to satisfying these needs, and living wholly and healthfully, is to try to act from intention with every breath we takeā€¦ My blog documents my own efforts to act with intention. I blog on four categories of intentions: yoga, relationship, parenthood and faith....more

    Every Day Fitness for Everyday People

    I am a working mommy and wife who has a passion for living a more healthy and balanced life.  Over the last two years I have lost 30 pounds by making the commitment to eat better and find a way to fit exercise in to my crazy schedule through using programs like Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire and 10 Minute Trainer.  My blog is dedicated to my journey in all of these areas.  I often post about issues related to fitness, nutrition, running, parenting and more. ...more

    Every Day Is a Miracle

    I'm a full-time working mom with three beautiful boys, one born extremely early at 24 weeks. I blog about books, travel, politics and social justice, religion, fun, work-life balance, and family. ...more

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