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    Every Gym's Nigtmare

    Personal trainer advice without the membership fees. ...more

    Every Patient's Advocate

    A blog about patient empowerment, patient advocacy, medical consumerism, and tools patients can use to help them navigate and survive the dysfunction of the American Health Care System. ...more

    Everybody's Boy

    Location Chapel Hill, NC United States See map: Google Maps About life, loss, love, laughter...and a little bit about Autism too. ;-)     A place for parents, family, friends or people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.I started the blog when my son, Peter was being diagnosed with Autism in May 2008. Since then I've shared about the many ups and downs and twists and turns that we've experienced....more

    Everyday Average

    Location United States See map: Google Maps Peoples lives follow a certain geography. Some lives are the vertical spires of a city and others are rolling plains. My geography is Montana and these are little stories about the coordinates....more

    Everyday Commotion

    This is the blog of a chronically sleep-deprived, slightly scatterbrained mother of four. I'll be writing about trying not to spend too much money, how to keep my house from becoming a complete disaster, meals I make that the kids actually eat, parenting a large-ish brood of kids (by modern standards, anyway), losing the ever-present baby weight, and, really, anything else I feel like sharing. We're making a big trip to Walt Disney World this year, for example. Two parents, four kids, and two grandparents. That should be interesting....more

    Everyday is the end of the world as we know it

    The title...more

    Everyday Stranger

    A working mum and wife - American by birth, British and American by naturalization - who writes about infertility, daily life, working, parenting, hope, and mental health treatment....more

    Everyday Stranger

    The online diary of an American living and working in England, while raising her 2 children from her 5th round of IVF, trying to manage a slightly mad English fiancee, and hoping her dog hasn't dug something up in the garden that she'd really rather not see. ...more

    Everyday Yogini

    Where Life is the Practice, Everday! Parenting, relationships, asana, philosophy, timely reviews and musings on life! Visit the Yogini and be inspired! ...more

    Everyone Into the Kitchen

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps Recipes, culinary inspiration, tips for cooking for your family, the occasional reference to health and random musings from an Upper West Side former magazine publishing exec turned culinary educator....more

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