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    Getting Down to BIZness!

    Just the story of my adventure using the HCG Protocol developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons - the journey to a NEW ME! ...more

    Getting Fit in the South

    My name is Christy aka Critter.  I am almost 30 and have battled with my weight my entire life.  I am trying to focus more on getting healthy and hoping the weight will work itself out.  Join me as I try to balance healthy eating, exercise, a husband, a three year old, and a full time job. ...more

    Getting My Freaking Awesome Body

    One girl's journey from FAT to FAB! A no nonsense tell-all of blunders, slip-ups, funny stories and achievements as I shed the pounds and work towards getting my Freaking Awesome Body!...more

    Getting To Letting Go... (From the Viewpoint of a Yoga Teacher Trainee)

    Life as I know it from the new perspective of Yoga Teacher Training. Touches on various subjects but is meant to help me find myself, become calmer and help others hopefully do the same in the process.  I love to write and I love meeting people and being social so I can't wait to grow and connect in the blogging community! ...more

    Gifted Challenges

      This blog is an attempt to share, explore and disseminate information about how giftedness, or "high aptitude ability" impacts children, adults and their families.While there are many fabulous blogs and websites that focus on specific information about gifted education, gifted children, and intellectual needs, this blog will focus primarily on the social and emotional aspects of giftedness and its effects.  As a Clinical Psychologist, in practice for over 25 years, one of my specialty areas has involved working...more

    GiGi Eats Celebrities

    A weekly dish of ridiculous celebrity diet trends mixed with funky fitness fads and how to truly live a healthy and happy lifestyle!  A blog and web series that requires reads to wear a bib before diving in! ...more

    Gillianasana: The Healthy, Happy Foodie

    I'm a 20-year-old English major/music minor who loves yoga, food, and everything related to them! Blogging has become the funnest combination of all my passions, and helped me rediscover my love for writing. I'm currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and loving every minute. It's gonna be a crazy ride - come along!...more

    Ginger Won't Snap

    A look into the life of a twenty-something girl on her journey of self-improvement in the areas of relationships, self-love, finances and knowledge. Featuring insight into the glamorous and not so glamorous world of advertising, what it's like to train in Shaolin Kung Fu with the big boys, Ginger's favourite products and recommendations, going green, and random advice. Check it out, you won't regret it! ...more

    Ginny's Glass

    Location New York United States See map: Google Maps   Ginny’s Glass is positive, because I’m positive. I want you the reader to feel good, because I believe in today’s world everyone needs a place to go to feel good, to be understood, supported, encouraged, reassured, comforted and motivated. Because I know life doesn’t always feel good. It can be scary and sad, depressing and dark. It can hold many unknowns, and have too many questions with not enough answers. I’ve experienced it all: the good, the bad and all that is in-between. So can shed light and can be light-hearted......more

    Girl Heroes

    Follow me as I travel around the country in my RV filming workouts in each state I visit and search for local real food. ...more

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