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    Health Kismet

    Health Kismet is a blog run by Jonathan Bechtel where he shares insights about the latest news and research in health and nutrition as well as culture, food, life, and the social sciences....more

    Health Matters

    Health news and tips for self-help and well-being. ...more

    Health on the Run

    My blog includes a variety of health and wellness information, including nutrition, health news, public health issues, and fitness -- particularly running (as this is my main passion). I try to provide my readers informative posts and to inspire others that being healthy doesn't mean being perfect -- it's all about the small steps we take everyday to live our best life....more

    Health Outlook

    A health blog that discusses various topics such as weight loss, exercise, nutrition, antioxidants, health foods, health problems and more. ...more


    I write about health and travel for national magazines and websites, but at least 50 percent of the topics I want to write about never make it into print. So Health*Conscious*Travel is my chance to introduce readers to the quirky, offbeat experiences that make healthy, active travel so much fun. Green, eco and sustainable travel also figure into the mix, as does family adventure travel. I even throw in the occasional health tips, when I discover something really worth sharing now -- as opposed to waiting six months for the typical production cycle....more

    Health, Beauty, Children & Family

    Location Augusta, Georgia United States See map: Google Maps A blog dedicated to personal experiences as a mother to three plus two step-children and as a military wife to a frequently deployed spouse.  The site is a mixture ranging from many interests of personal experiences of daily life, party planning, DYI, product reviews and giveaways.   ...more
  • Health, Happiness & Alternative Medicine

    Jane Thurnell-Read writes (and talks) like she breathes - she has to! She writes on health, stress, therapies, ethical living, happiness and much more. She has been a complementary therapist (alternat ...more

    Personally, I prefer alternative medicines because they have been around for centuries. We ...more

    Health, Happiness, Hamstrings

    A journey to find Health, Happiness, Hamstrings(aka exercise) while chasing after Bean and still being a support to Mr. Man. ...more

    health-e inspiration

    Your health's best friend! I used to be the queen of to-do lists. Yellow sticky notes, crumpled up pieces of paper and duplicate calendars for home and work littered my desk, home office, kitchen, even my car!...more

    health-full: Healthy Living is Journey

    Join us on our journey to eat, play, worship God and live life more fully. Healthful Goals We try to eat foods designed by God for food. We avoid food addictions and help others on that journey. We are passionate about delicious food and sharing it with others. We feature recipes with a healthy twist and a budget in mind. We will seek out and promote local and organic options as much as possible. We are committed to regular play (exercise) to honor the bodies God has given us. We will research products and excursions for families to celebrate healthful living. ...more

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