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    I am Mommy

    I am a wife, mommy, and child of God. ...more

    I Am More Than My Infertility

    I Am More Than My Infertility is a blog co-written by psychotherapist and life coach Marina Lombardo, LCSW, and author Linda J. Parker. ...more
  • I Blame the Patriarchy

    Spinster Aunt blames the patriarchy ...more

    Come for patriarchy smashing, stay for the tacos.

    Grace Davis more

    I Came to Run

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps I Came to Run is about my journey through life, one mile at a time.  I'm a runner and a yogini with a passion for health and positive messages about beauty and body image.  My ultimate goal is to start a revolution through which we overthrow all the social institutions that tell us we're not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, or pretty enough to get everything we want out of life.  For now, though, I'm happy to try and help people find a healthier, happier lifestyle by writing from a perspective of honesty and sincerity....more

    I Can't Stop Eating!

    I CAN'T STOP EATING is for folks who are interested in engaging in conversation about the painful decision to go on a diet and adhere to it. Are YOU struggling with weight issues? Are YOU sick of salads and carrot sticks? When will there be a "chocolate diet?" Why hasn't someone come up with THAT idea?...more

    I Don't Believe In Diets

    Even though some consider me small, I gained significant weight in college and was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure (mostly due to genetics). I am using this blog to help me lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle in the process. My goal is to do this through eating healthier and working out a lot, but of course... no "diet"! ...more

    I forgot what I was doing

    ramblings and musings about memory loss, mild cognitive decline and anything else that bothers or interests me about being over 40....more

    I Found the Best Thing Ever!

    This is a list of all the things that I love and cannot live without.  Things that save time and money.  Things that changed my life....more

    I have hydro,hydro doesn't have me

    I think Everyone has a purpose in life and I think part of my purpose is to share my story. I have acquired hydrocephalus from a brain tumor I had as a child. My other interest are swimming, horse back riding working out and I am a coupon addict. I woke up this morning thinking of ways to help my friends find more coupons. I have tons of other things I want to get into but this is a start to what all I am doing. ...more

    I Have Two Feet and Ten Toes

    This is my blog featuring my life in art, food, and crazy thoughts!...more

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