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    Jocelyneatsfresh - getting fit, eating well

    This blog follows a 20 something Canadian who has already lost almost 40 pounds!!! And by not starving herself! what a concept...follow her as she attempts to lose 40 more :) ...more

    Jodi's Journey

    Resources for adults and children who suffer from many forms of arthritis. Including but not limited to information on anything from grand parenting to premature babies, recipes, working at home, pain management and just life in general ...more

    Joie Of Life

    I am newer to blogging, as I just decided about two months ago that I really wanted to make my blog public.  I really grappled with the idea of putting my thoughts, ideas and eccentricities out there for everyone to see. I am a single woman, almost 30, trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.  I just recently got out of a long term relationship, that was never realy a relationship to begin with.  I had put my life on hold for him...only to realize I never really loved him like I thought I did.  I just was lonely. I am overweight.  A lot now.&nb...more


    Location Minnesota United States See map: Google Maps WOMANHOOD, WIFEHOOD, MOMMYHOOD…...more
  • Journal Writing Therapy Transforms You!

    Journal Writing Therapy Transforms You is a blog that considers all aspects of journaling as an effective healing tool....more

    Mari L. McCarthy
    Journal Writing Therapist

    Journey of a Virtuous Woman Wannabe

    I'm a wannabe in every sense of the word. I wanna be good enough to make it to heaven, but Jesus died because I will never be. I wanna be a mom of ten living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, training my girls to honor God & their husbands, by being content, happy homemakers...yet God has seen fit to bless us with the opportunity to help rear for Him two boys (22 and 12), in the middle of suburbia ;) I wanna be a helpmate to my husband in every way possible, yet more often than not, I'm in his way, lol. I wanna be the perfect parent, that ...more

    Journey to Fit and Fabulous

    Location Tampa, Fl United States See map: Google Maps Journey to Fit and Fabulous is a  full time mom, student, paper pusher's journey to get fit and keeping her family healthy. Getting healthy the right way through eating cleaner, and staying active, and staying motivated. This blog provides recipes, fitness tips, and motivation. ...more

    Journey to Health & Happiness

    I have been on a weight loss journey since August 2009. Thanks to Weight Watchers and My Fitness Pal I have become the healthy and happy young women I was intended to be. My goal is to blog about my progress, life, recipes, and training for my first half marathon. Follow me along on my journey....more

    Journey toward Eco Creative Living!

    Site back, kick your shoes off, and sip that Organic Lemonade that has been waiting for you. Enjoy the Eco-Lifestyle posts, with a spin on Creative living.Dream, Create, Inspire..... ...more

    Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

    When cancer treatment ends, many women find their emotional and psycological landscape has altered. This blog is aimed at women as they transition to the post-treatment phase of a breast cancer diagnosis. It is a forum for them to share their experience and find support and information on how to live a healthy and happy life post cancer....more

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