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    Just Audrey

     The thoughts, aspirations, ramblings, and reflections of an average--or not so average--girl....more

    Just For The Hell-th Of It!!

    Just an old lady trying to get healthy and feel "perky" again. ...more

    Just Keep Running

    Location United States See map: Google Maps Just Keep Running focuses on my running journey, including training to run, race reports, training discussions, and the fun active pursuits that keep me active and running. It also includes my cross-training and triathlon goals. I especially hope to inspire people who never thought they could be an athlete or runner, because that's where I was a few years back....more

    Just Making Noise: Sound Bites From a Deaf Mama

    This deaf mama is a missionary in Central America (Read more about her). She focuses on traditional food (WAPF-style), such as lacto-fermentation, cultured dairy, sourdough and more! Her speciality is healthy desserts and ice cream. You will see a lot of recipes calling for coconut flour in her baked goods....more

    Just Plucking Daisies

    I'm Leah - I'm young, creative, passionate and oh, yeah... I struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and panic.  My blog is about healing, acceptance, and rediscovering my joy.  I also promote understanding of mental and emotional suffering and the breaking down of stigma and barriers regarding mental health.  My goal is to uplift and inspire those who suffer emotionally - whether from disorders, grief, anxiety, worry, or life - and help us to know that we can all be there for each other, no matter how different we seem on the surface....more

    Just You and Me Kid

    Single mother by choice shares insights and experiences from life with her toddler son....more

    JustJaydes Life and Thoughts

    A life blog of me (Jayde) - About anything and everything from sex and relationships to goofy things I have heard, seen, done or thought that day, disabilities, glbt, lesbian,  etc. You never know what I will blog about but the one guarantee I offer is that I will curse often....more


    justWEIGHT – Jan. 25 - Week #4, Day #4 (Day 25 of 365 – did not weigh) Total loss 6.6 lbs, 45.4 to go!...more

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