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    Kali Lilla: My Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

    Single Grrl's Blog Blurtings in Search of Adventure, Love, Oneness & a Killer Bod! I post daily picture of myself and write about my training and nutrition programs as I compete in a physical transformation competition. Check out my progress towards my goal all the while traveling, dating and having fun! ...more

    Karen and Support and Information

    You won't feel so alone after you've been on to my site...more

    Karianna Spectrum

    This is actually a correction, but the correction form kept telling me I hadn't completed all the fields (it said the "blog relationship" one was invalid.) This is my blog. Thanks! -Kari ...more

    Kate Can Cook

    I’m Kate, aka bunnah, and I’m in my late-20s. I live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I’m married to a wonderful guy (I refer to him as “Jazz” on the blog), and we have a 4-year old black and white ninja cat named Tink and a 3-year-old mini dachshund named Dylan. ...more

    Kate Harding

    Humorless feminism, fat acceptance, and common sense consulting. ...more

    Kate McLaughlin, Writer, Speaker Mental Health Advocate

    These are the goals on •Be Loving.•Educate, Encourage, Empower those affected by mental illness•Abolish mental illness myths & misunderstandings•Eradicate stigma surrounding diseases of the brain•Write Creatively. Speak provocatively. Live passionately•Inspire Hope Kate McLaughlin combines personal experience and a positive attitude with current research and proven strategies to write, speak and advocate about all things mental health (and other equally important stuff). ...more

    Kate Sullivan Blogs

    Location Northern Virginia United States See map: Google Maps Kate Sullivan Blogs is a blog about life, getting healthy, social media, writing novels and all the hilarity that ensues in between....more

    Kate's Beauty Blog

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Kate’s Beauty Blog is home to how-tos, product reviews, hauls, looks of the day, and more! The majority of the content centres around cosmetics, but it also speak to hair care, skin care, nail care, and fashion, as well as inner beauty....more


    criminal justice and drug war reform, mental health advocacy, politics, sexuality, things that are funny, culture, and everyday life. ...more

    Katie's little c

    Notes from an unplanned journey ...more

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