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    Living With Rare Cancer

    This blog is about my life with cancer and cancer treatment. I was diagnosed one year ago with Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) but now it appears to be Bile Duct Cancer which is rare and generally incureable. But I'm still here! My issues are Cancer, Cancer Research, Healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance, Rare Cancers, and livin life. ...more

    Living With Schizoaffective Disorder

    My experience living with schizoaffective disorder....more

    Living With Three Boys of Our Own

    The daily low-down of raising three boys, aged three and younger.  We laugh, we cry, we throw things... it's a lot of fun!...more
  • Living Without Brenna

    After years of infertility (and not trying~ or even thinking of trying) we were blessed with a suprise baby. Only to have her be stillborn when my uterus ruptured.  This blog chronicles my journey through the ups and downs of losing a child, being a mother to the children I still have, and trying to make sense of life. Three years later I find myself talking about other things: my inability to have more children, nightmarish inlaws, family drama, my dogs, my husband, realtionships, step-kids, being a grandma, country living, cooking and crazy bosses. ...more


    Living, Learning, Eating

    I blog about food, life, and travel as a vegetarian college kid with big dreams, a passion for writing, and a wicked sweet tooth! Please check out my blog!    I'm in Germany for fall 2011, by the way, so I post German things sometimes. :)...more

    LivingAfterWLS Blog


    ARTIST & NURSE SHARING HER CREATIVE LIFE!I'm Laura Miller and I am the artist behind LIVIVIDLI (live vividly) STUDIOS.   I came up with LIVIVDLI because my name is so common but mostly  as a description of my art & life.  My formal education is in NURSING but have always used my creative side to keep life fun.   I have a passion for sharing the healing effects of art.  I describe my painting style as "graffiti charm"  because I love to combine traditional subjects with a graffiti flair....tradition w...more


    Registered dietitian Liz Marr's online buffet serving up insight, humor and advice on food and nutrition science, policy and trends. ...more

    Locked Hair Blog Exchange

    Connecting Locked Hair Bloggers together, one blog at a time. Be they Traditional, Freeform, Braidlocks, or Sisterlocks. Locked bloggers tell the tales of their natural hair journey. ...more

    Lollypops and Lizards

    The six of us are loving life, excited about what God has in store for us and constantly falling only to be lifted up again by our precious Lord and Savior. This blog is about the day to day life of a Stay at Home Mom of a 17 year old, a 14 year old and 2 year old twins, all blended together to make a beautiful concoction that God loves! I'll share my photography, interesting articles, neat places to visit and cool giveaways that I participate in. ...more

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