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    Losing Blind

    A lifelong weight-loser decides to silence the scale and amplify life on this final trip down a well worn path...working to lose her own blind spots along the way....more

    Losing It, Finding Me

    My journey to health and self-discovery, one pound at a time! ...more

    Losing my Identity to Find Myself

    I've gone anonymous in order to find out who I really am.  This blog is primarily a weight loss blog, but I also talk about a range of topics such as relationships, sex, mental health issues, television, etc....more

    Losing the Shadow Behind Me

    I have suffered with low self esteem and depression for most of my life. This blog has aided in my battle with it. I also talk about my weight loss, knitting and life in general. ...more


    Loving myself before, during, and after weight loss and changing my relationships with food.  ...more

    Losing Weight in the City

    After seven years (and probably 700,000 calories) of living in D.C., I moved to NYC last summer. After a few months of eating my way through the city, I realized this had to stop and nipped my temptations in the bud. Here's the story of how a girl can lose weight in the most tempting city known to woman. ...more

    Losing Weight With Child

    I am a mom and wife that works, does church activities, karts the kids around, etc. I also have an overweight child. I started this blog is to get a story out there of a mother trying to help my 11-year-old daughter lose weight. I tell the good, the bad, the hard and the joy. When I was looking for ways to do this myself, I searched for personal stories but could not find any.  I decided that I can write the personal story and show a connection to other families that are out there trying....more

    Lotus Flower Herbals

    Holistic Aromatherapy, Holistic Family Wellness: Information, How-to's, and Recipes....more


    This is a blog written about being a nurse and being a mom. I'm not the best mom. I'm a pretty decent nurse. ...more

    Love & Zest

    Love & Zest is a lifestyle blog written by a regsitered dietitian who seeks to find a healthy balance with food and fitness. She believes that all foods fit, every bite should be tasty, and joyful exercise is fulfilling.  ...more

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