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    Life After Eating Disorder

    Life After Eating Disorder is a blog about how to thrive after surviving a devastating eating disorder.  Some of my favorite topics include how to cultivate self-love, trusting our bodies, intuitive eating, healthy weight, body image, and post-eating disorder pregnancy.  My mission is to provide hope, encouragement, and useful information for people who are currently battling an eating disorder or are in recovery, or for the friends and family of a person struggling with an eating disorder....more

    Life and Love in the Petri Dish

    Two almost-37-year-old health care professionals traveling the steeper than expected road to parenthood. First came love, then came marriage, then came two IVFs and three miscarriages. Now into our second year of wedded life, we are cautiously hopeful and steeling ourselves against further disappointment as we continue our efforts to start a family. ...more

    Life and photos along the Outer Banks of North Carolina

    Visit for a slice of life by the coast on the Outer Banks of NC and in and around the historic downtown neighborhood of Manteo on beautiful Roanoke Island. ...more

    Life as the Ruralprincess

    A blog about being 40-something and embarking on my own journey to fitness and a better self-image.  Food, exercise and self-reflection with a healthy dose of humor and pop culture influence....more

    Life as We Know it...

    The life, times, and ideas (grand and otherwise) of a simple (read: not simple at all) California girl....more

    Life Bliss

    Life Bliss is my second blog where I post about parenting and family life, about my daughter, my friends, my varied interests - health and wellness, books, movies, music among other things.  It is mostly about what brings bliss to my life. ...more

    Life From Scratch - Gluten free, soy free, ecosmart living.

    Gluten-free, soy-free, eco-smart living in the Canadian Prairies. Mother and daughter both learning to navigate the Celiac world while also negotiating the soy-ladened food supply; father and son along for the ride. Trying to live off the prairie land as much as possible -  local, organic, humane, sustainable with 8 months of winter a year. We do like a challenge....more

    Life Getting in the Way

    We're all just trying to enjoy life, without letting it get in the way....more

    Life Glimpsed

    So I'm sitting on my bed, waiting for the crawling 6 month old to wake from her nap, and wondering how to convince said baby to cease the crawling. But I'm pretty sure that it's a hopeless hope and that I might as well get on with the day and accept the fact that from here on forward - until she learns to out run me - I'm going to have to start growing some new back muscles. Because apparently, according to our pediatrician, she's not average. The baby, that is. She's crawling, drinking from a sippy cup and trying to pull up on furniture - and we're only at 6 months. ...more

    Life I Want

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps A blog about dealing with autoimmune thyroid disease, and eating and living well....more

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