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    Life in Balance

    I'm trying to seek balance in life. Balance in my diet, balance in my exercise, work-life balance, balance at work, balance in friend groups, balance in the type of books I read, etc. This blog has a similar root: a creative outlet to balance out my science-focused work life....more

    Life in Green

    Sharing home gardening experiences including the ups, the downs and the tasty!  Love to cook and nothing is better than using fresh, home grown and local ingredients....more

    Life in OM

    Welcome to Life in OM, my take on the universe.    ...more

    Life in the Autoimmune Lane

    My blog is about my life living with a chronic illness. It's new to me and I want to reach out to an audience of people who are going through some similar experiences and to educate people who aren't. ...more

    Life is Beachy Keen

    My blog is a life & running blog. I've been running since September of 2009. I write about my training runs and races. To date I've run 3 half marathons with the most recent one being on March 20, 2011. I crossed the finish line in 1:52:53. Next, train to cross the finish line in under 1:50!! I also write about my life and whatever that may be.  ...more

    Life is Beautiful... Even When it Hurts

    I started this blog mainly so people could follow me as I go through life as a disalbled 29 year old & also with the hopes of helping out others who are facing major challenges in life. I want people to see how much like them I really am. I've only been disabled 10 years so I'm still adjusting! Many of the posts are on topics somehow related to the health issues I deal with BUT I also have posts on lighter topics such as beauty products, family & other things I enjoy....more

    Life is in the Details

    A blog about healthy living, good food, fitness, authentic living, family and friends, storytelling and digital scrapbooking. Come visit as I documenting the everyday... because life is in the details....more

    Life Is What You Make It

    This blog is a young woman's take on what she makes of life.  I enjoy cooking and sharing recipes I've tried on here.z  I also share random finds from my regular expeditions around the blogsphere.  I'm quite opinionated; and when I feel strongly about a certain topic I let steam off about it on here. ...more

    Life of Becka

    Follow me on my crazy journey called life. I've been through more up's and downs in 34 years than any roller coaster ride can offer.  I started my blog in the hopes of reaching out to other individuals who may have also gone through similar experiences....more

    Life of Bridey

    A blog following the adventures and events in the life of Bridey. ...more

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