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    Life {Sweet} Life

    I'm an Oklahoma girl with a heart for God, strong love for my husband & family, and a desire to be a mommy. I love my life and each and every blessing in it. I started this blog to keep people updated on our adoption journey. However, after a month of being listed with our agency, we had a surprise miracle pregnancy of our own!...more

    Life's a Bowl

    Newlywed and Charlie's momma.  Lover of tasty treats, healthy eats, and all things pink.  Overcoming life's health hiccups and learning to run.  Taking a bite out of life one day at a time...  ...more

    Life, Family and the Pursuit of Sanity

    One woman's journey to have a baby, not strangle her family and somehow find peace in a sea of chaos. ...more

    Life, Fitness, and Me!

    A current plate full of NPC bikini contest prep, wedding planning, a home life, and studying for the CPA exam (6 years after college graduation) make Emily a little crazy. Join me in my search for balance......more

    Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Baby

    This blog is committed to our journey through infertility and becoming a family. ...more

    Life, Loss, and Other Things Worth Mentioning

    My children. The ones that are here and the ones that met God before they met me. My journey with recurrent miscarriages, pregnancy, my faith, and my life....more

    Life... On Its Own Terms

    I am a mom, a wife, a teacher, a scholar. I am also an addict. Some things I do better than others. I have a job as a university professor and I travel a lot, which I like; I live 2,000 miles from my family, which I do not like. I adopted a lovely, much-cherished little girl from Russia. I am nervous by nature, and I started taking medicine for anxiety. That didn't work out so well, or so they told me in rehab....more I see it

    Photos and words to share a love of life, family, photography, Photoshop, running and the everyday moments....more

    Life: Forward

    My mother, who at no point (including, I suspect, when pregnant with me) has weighed more than 120 pounds has long had a list of reasons and kind terms - big boned, genetics (my father is the zaftig son of two formerly fat parents), etc.  The truth is, I spent most of my childhood fat, and all of my adolescence on a merry-go-round of Weight Watchers, eating, marginally legal diet pills (yes, I took those diet pills that may have had ephedra in them), losing 5 pounds, gaining 10 pounds, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast......more

    Lifeducation is one stop shopping for the woman interested in education, parenting, family, fashion, fitness, and food....more

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