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    Melbourne Maharani

    Location Melbourne Australia See map: Google Maps Thoughts and moments from my life as an Aussie Indian chick in Melbourne. Random, complicated, loyal to the end. Closet nympho and self-confessed shopaholic. Wannabe fashionista. Coffee addict. Emerging cook and fitness nut, messy and highly neurotic. Be ready for random Bollywood musings, my life in the corporate jungle, my journey towards health, food porn and an unwavering love for all things chocolate :P....more

    Melinda Joy: Living, Laughing, Loving

    A little bit of everything - travel/restaurant reviews, book and music reviews, life stores, non profit blog posts, company promotions, recipe reviews and suggestions, cooking fiascos and successes, DIY home repairs and remodeling and more!...more

    Melissa Murphy Life Coaching

    Self improvement and personal development blog...more

    Melissa's Mind Sweeper

    One woman's journey toward really living. ...more


    a blog from a true-born cynic who is nevertheless a hopeless romantic, as well. Did I mention I'm a Gemini? ...more

    Melting Mama

    Memoirs of a Fat Kid

    I'm just a fat kid on a quest to find the skinny kid I buried in a mound of cookies & cake, and these are my memoirs....more

    Memoirs Of A BBW

    Lord knows I am not an expert on on relationships or dieting.But I have had alot of friends ask me to blog about this weight loss journey that I am experiencing.And i thought I would add a little about my experiences with relationships, men, dating along with some humerious story's. All this will be true not fiction, howver it may sound like something out of a comedy at times and others something out of a drama, LOL....more

    Menopause - The Blog

    A 50-something, San Francisco woman shares her experiences going through menopause and offers insights, information and links to online resources that she has discovered in her quest to find natural alternatives to hormone therapy. ...more

    Menopause and Perimenopause

    Menopause involves more than just hot flashes! Practical tips and advice to hep you cope with the change. ...more

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