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    Naddez's Tidbyts

    My newly design blog offers a wide variety of topics including family, health, product reviews, giveaways, freebies, recipes and alot more! :) ...more

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps I write about my career & career changes. My own personal experiences and what I want for my future, in terms of being a writer & entrepernuer. Any projects that I'm involved & the difficulty that can come with it. I love to cook and bake, so recipes are a large part of my blog. Any new product that I try & like or love, I'll do a review of it. This can be health & beauty products, food products, electronics, anything. I also enjoy doing reviews....more

    Naked Lady in a White (Silk) Dress

    Naked Lady in a White (Silk) Dress is a blog that looks at the engagement process and wedding industry / culture from the point-of-view of a burgeoning feminist and nude art model....more


     A blog about Erika (@NAMAmmaSTE on Twitter) and her life as a Christian wife to Hubby (her soul mate) and SAH mamma to Little Man (a fun, energetic, toddler).  She is a non-stereotypical Jersey girl, crunchy thanks to an amazing birth center experience, and a yogi who participated in a ...more


    I always have something to say about everything! And now that I'm a new mom to a fabulous daughter, new to the SAHM life, in a new city on the other side of the country; you better believe I have something to say about it! I'm always trying new things, and love to share my reviews, love to show my Martha side, share what I'm making for dinner, and over course my first-time-mommy experiences....more

    Nancy Toby: Run Big!

    The unlikely saga of a 49-year-old mom of 3-year-old twins becoming an Athena triathlete and maybe even an Ironman ...more

    Nappy Like Yo Pappy

    A young college student's blog on her new life in the college arena and the natural hair transition that accompanied it. With occasional drops of poetry sprinkled through here and there. Even her slightly not so sophisticated thoughts on life, the world, and politics, too. ...more

    Narmatha's Thoughts

    A personal blog of my thoughts on "Elder care, Gerontology" and "Health & Wellness"...more

    Nat The Fat Rat

    Location NYC United States See map: Google Maps my name is natalie. i love crinkly old men and fat gurgly babies. this blog is where i capture the beautiful, silly, wonderful things that make our little lives significant. i love bagels & cream cheese, marshmallows & vanilla cones, and my tiny apartment in new york city, but i especially love you!...more


    Welcome to Natlifestyle, a place to share ideas about living a healthy lifestyle. I’m Natalie, a twenty-something living in Los Angeles. I’ve become really passionate about living a healthy and balanced life. From recipes, to work-outs, to great ideas others have that make this world better, I’m blogging as I’m learning and trying new things, and having fun while doing it. ...more

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