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    No Apathy Allowed

    Native Seattleite, former Brooklynite, now living in Berlin. Traveling. Running. Photographing. Living. ...more

    No Dowry

    I started No Dowry because I was genuinely excited about getting married but fear becoming "That Girl" in the process. I chronicled the wedding planning process from a DIY/feminist perspective. Now I'm going to use No Dowry to chronicle my transition into the life of a "grown up"-- covering topics such as marriage, work, travel, politics and food/culture. ...more

    No Easy Way Out Fitness

    No Easy Way Out Fitness is a lifestyle blog capturing my quest to stay fit and healthy with a toddler in tow. I write about workouts, recipes, my adventures with CrossFit and in general things that happen in my daily life. I am running my first half marathon this Spring and looking to get my athletic training certification. I can't wait to share my experiences with my followers and the BlogHer community. ...more

    No Kidding in NZ

    A blog with thoughts on my no-kidding lifestyle, the good and the bad, remembering what was lost, and celebrating what I have....more

    No Longer Playing Grown-Up

    I may be coming around the home stretch to the end of my 20s, but I didn’t consider myself a grown-up until this last year. Yep, 2009 was the year that I first noticed wrinkles and a handful of gray hairs. My dad (one of my best friends) died in a motorcycle accident in May and I found solace in blog-writing. I was surprised that other people were interested in my ramblings, but I guess that’s a Padre Trait I’ll carry on. ...more

    No Minivan

    A Midwestern bottle redhead without her filter switch. Politics, news, family, religion (or lack thereof), sex, celebrities, fashion, work, parenting, you name it and I talk about it. I'm finally a mom to two boys after years of infertility treatment, but just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I have to drive like one. No minivan! ...more
  • No More Tomorrows

    I made a decision to stop putting things off until tomorrow. The biggest change I'm making is with my health and my weight, so that is mostly what I write about. But I also add in other things about living a full life and not putting anything off until tomorrow. I wish to inspire and I also want others to hold me accountable and keep me living life fully....more

    Kudos to you, I think everyone should have this attitude. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone, ...more

    Noelle Van Coaching

    I am a wellness and transition coach. I work with clients to help them better understand the mind/body connection. I write about many things. I am particularly interested in how we can improve our lives by changing our thoughts and perceptions. I believe that clarity of thought can create life changing results. For more information about my coaching go to


    I'm a mom, yogini and spiritual seeker, but my "real job" is a psychiatrist.   Nohappypill blog includes yoga, mental health, spiritual and family topics that are on my mind.  I don't believe there is a happy pill to cure all our worries and stress. I believe our happiness is within, and continue to seek it myself....more

    Nordic Walking USA

    This popular European fitness activity has crossed the Atlantic and is sweeping across North America -- just as snowshoeing has in the last decade. Read about equipment, technique, instruction, special events and benefits of both activitiies. ...more

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