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    Oatmeal after Spinning

    I'm a 31 yr-old gal living in the DC Metro area trying to balance food, fitness and recovery. I cook with organic and local foods and love to share and trade tips and ideas!...more


    Welcome to my blog! I'm Nikki and I enjoy baking, babies, breastfeeding, and blogging. Also crafting, fitness, nutrition, education, and anything that has to do with pregnancy and giving birth. Follow me on twitter at @itsoatsosimple....more

    Obey My Blog

    The laughter. The tears. The drama. The absurdity of it all. This is about my life as a student of Tai Chi, Qigong and Zen Buddhism. ...more

    Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear

    Life, Lupus, and a Side of Snark: I've often wished there were more blogs by smart, funny young women struggling to balance work, life, and chronic illness, so this is my contribution to that particular genre. You'll also find entries about children's literature and young adult fiction mixed in alongside health information and more personal writing....more

    OCD Dilemma

    My personal experiences and insights into living with OCD and struggling to not let it control my life....more


    My views on living in the UK as an American ex-pat, losing weight, trying to find a balance between exercise and food, attempting to accept my new-found love of running (and run more) and the differences and challenges I face. ...more

    Ode de Trio

    The Green Eyed Monster & Self-reflection at 10:03 PM Posted by Sunny ...more

    Office of the National Nurse

    Check out this exciting and growing grassroots campaign run by working nurses who concerned about the growing epidemics of preventable conditions that are causing our families to suffer and bankrupting our healthcare system. ...more

    Oh Boy, Cato!

    Location Villanow, GA United States See map: Google Maps Hey y'all!  We're the Cato's and we are just sharing our "oh boy!" moments while Luke climbs towers and hunts, I try to create a little and go thrifting, all while chasing Anderson, out on the county.  Also featuring our 13 chickens and two dogs!...more

    Oh My Aches and Pains!

    I'm the ultimate ChronicBabe--- ...more

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