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    Wife, mother, eager learner, voracious reader, keen writer, shopaholic, blogaholic, weight watcher, handbag lover, baby theologian, excited about love, always hope filled, proud co-founder of "Say it with Flowers" and "Whispered Support," trying to mesh the mantra "to just be" with "My next project is..." Thanks for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment and I'll return the favour! ...more


    Location Florida United States See map: Google Maps OhBuoyancy! is where I, Reese, blog about all the things that keep me from sinking. I write about food, photography, books, and most recently, babies!...more


    yoga, wellness and random musings from the founder of ohmtastic lifestyle apparel ...more

    Oils For Wellness-Everyday Aromatherapy

    With this blog I hope to offer some aromatherapy mentorship to those who want to gain practical knowledge about using pure therapeutic essential oils that can benefit our everyday lives. Besides being a mom, I am a massage and aromatherapy practitioner with over an 8 year journey of experience in the healing arts. I am blessed to provide a little haven of rest for clients(and myself!) in my studio aptly called At Peace. I am currently working toward my certification in Clinical Aromatherapy. Click on over for a visit soon! Blessings, Jen Nordin ...more

    Olive Tomato

    Location Athens Greece If you want to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet and are looking for tried and trusted information, you’re at the right place. Join me, a Registered Dietitian living in Greece, as I talk about the nutritional value of Greek food, Greek products, news, research and of-course easy ways to incorporate Greek and Mediterranean ingredients and recipes to your diet....more

    Olive You Leah

    Blog about 20-something's life in the midwest, married, working and trying to get pregnant. Blogs are humorous, heartful and sometimes rediculous....more

    Olives & Yarn

    This blog is about being a mom, finding my authentic self through creativity (whatever that might look like on any given day), and trying to live an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle....more

    Om Nom Ally

    Om Nom Ally is a wholefood recipe blog utilising a range of nutrient-rich ingredients with recipes suitable (where possible) for a range of common dietary needs, allergies and food intolerances. The aim here is to follow clean eating, wholefood practices to provide you with increased energy, youthful vitality and more money in your wallet. With ingredient suggestions for most common diets and dietary exclusions, everyone can enjoy easy, lip-smacking, nourishing food!...more

    Oms and Honey

    Oms and Honey is a 20-something's approach to a vegan(ish) life in the heart of Texas. What I want from life is a healthy garden, a happy puppy and a big kitchen. ...more

    On a Lobster Placemat: Seeing the Art in Food

    This is a blog where I practice creativity and good health. ...more

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