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    Reactive Candy

    Miss Candy is born and raised in Canada currently residing in the beautiful city of Calgary. She shares her past as a teenage single mother at the age of 17. She shares her journey with depression with you. Including her day to day activities, and thoughts on sports, politics, music, movies. She is all about living, loving, laughing and learning....more

    Reading Cookbooks

    I'm Lou. I’ve spent the last five years attempting to "get it right" when it comes to leading a healthy life. At 25, I was working 12 hours a day at a PR firm. I had been smoking for nearly a decade. I didn’t have the energy to do much besides park myself on the couch after work. I was overweight. And I was unhappy. Now I’m an avid runner and a wannabe Zumba instructor, studying for my group fitness certification. I’ve finally reached a healthy weight, and I’m learning how to maintain it. My journey of health, wellness, and happiness continues at Reading Cookbooks....more

    Real Beauty Blogger

    The goal of the Real Beauty Blogger is to expose media lies about beauty and spread truth, light, and hope to girls young and old. Real beauty comes from within, is unique, diverse, comes in all sizes, different ages, and has no boundaries. We are passionate about encouraging and inspiring girls and women to live up to their full potential by embracing their God-given talents and loving their true-self....more

    Real Delia: Finding Yourself in Adulthood

    This blog is about what happens when you “find yourself in adulthood,” and some lessons I’ve learned along the way. I hope that it enlightens, inspires, and connects. But most of all, I really do hope that you laugh. ...more

    Real Food Whole Health

    Real Food Whole Health is about just that- real food and whole health. We promote a real food/traditional food lifestyle, and offer information on nutritional therapy, natural fertility enhancement and other holistic health modalities. Recipes galore are available on the site, almost all of them completely original creations. Article topics include current events and political issues that affect real food, farms, the environment and health and a natural, toxin free lifestyle is emphasized....more

    Real Life Health

    Real Life Health Health not only includes a balance of the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social, but also a sense of self-awareness and a healthy dose of critical thinking. This blog presents "real life" information on behaviour change strategies in a critical and humourous way. ...more

    Real Women on Health!

    Real Women on  Health! is an online community, radio show and health salon that helps midlife women be their own best health and wellness advocate.  Our content sponsor is the National Women's Health Resource Center. ...more


    RealiTeen is a parenting blog that was developed primarily for and about moms of teenagers. However, if you are a spouse, aunt or friend of someone at this phase of parenting and wish to join the community you are welcome to do so....more

    Reality Fish

    Reality Fish (def.): 1. noun. An unpleasant, bluntly delivered truth with roughly the same effect as a salmon to the face: Wow, that Reality Fish might leave a bruise. 2. verb. To deliver a Reality Fish: He’s crying in the bathroom… maybe you shouldn’t have Reality Fished him so hard. An East-Coast-raised infertile left-wing manic-depressive baseball-obsessed college dropout with no housekeeping skills. I handle this by being as snarky as humanely possible. ...more

    Really, What Were We Thinking?

    We met a month before we got engaged.  We started our family with 2 cats.  We adopted 3 big dogs and an extra-ornery cat. We camped with all 6 cross-country in a pop-up camper.  We added a kid to the pack & he happens to have a genetic disorder. We also just got another dog.  Really, what were we thinking?...more

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