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    "Where are all the grown-ups? Oh wait, we are the grown-ups?!"   ...more


    Welcome to Sassafrass. Come on in. Grab a Diet Fanta and the bag of blue tortilla chips on the counter. Let's get cozy. Yes, this is one of those 3 million mommy blogs floating around out there, making you feel comfortable about your obsessions and minor paranoia that your lack of interest in coloring just one more Elmo and Zoe playing hockey will lead to therapy bills that make college tuition look like a good trip to the dollar store. ...more

    Sassy Kitchen

    Food Talk, Recipes and a bit of Sass ...more

    Satisfaction Through Christ

    I aim to glorify God in every aspect of my life.  Whether it be infertility, adoption, or Christianity related, I do it all for the glory of God....more

    Saturday Morning Zen

              Running has been likened to “moving mediation”.  I found that my brain didn’t know when to shut up when I was sitting on a mediation mat but that when I ran, the thoughts that churned through my brain like a caffeinated hamster were able to settle in with the steady pounding of legs and rhythmic movements of a body in motion. ...more

    Savour the Senses

    The food blog of an ametuer chef, learning and enjoying this ever-changing life. Focusing on the positive, eliminating the negative, and finding inspiration through the senses. Savour the Senses is filled with mouth-watering food photography, tasty recipes, inspirational quotes and positivity. Stop by and say hello!...more

    Savour your spoons!

    I'm a 20 something, living with partner and my gorgeous baby boy. Loving being a new mammy but struggling somewhat to juggle home life, working full time and coping with Hypermobility Syndrome - also known as Elhers Danlos Syndrome (type III). My blog scripts my day to day life, how I cope, or not cope and let other people who are in the same situation that their not alone!! I'll try and not make it too much of a moan, I promise!!...more

    Savvy Sassy Me

    To put it simply, I believe a lady should be two things: STRONG and FABULOUS. I am on a journey to be the healthiest me I can be! I love food, fitness, and coffee; it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. I am savvy and sassy, with a large dose of sarcasm. I am currently studying hard, working hard, and trying to live my life to the fullest (while training mean and eating clean). Did I mention I like coffee?...more

    SavvyHealthGirl's Blog

    A blog dedicated to helping women become savvier about their health. Read about great information that will address the health of your mind, body and soul. With so many things affecting our health and well-being, it is critical that women have access to quality, simple and current health information. With a bit of humor, personal experiences, and professional knowledge this blog will cover topics in women's health from A-Z. Live Life, Live Healthy! ...more

    Say Bye To The Belly

    A weight loss blog of a stay at home mom hoping to get a grip on her issues with food...more

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