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    Sean and Brandi....Our Blog of Fun

    A blog of fun things we've been doing, baking ideas, recipes, crafts and family fun....more

    Searching for Serendipity

    A closest anger mangement case turned soul searcher blogs about life, yoga, traveling, foodie fun and love. Live is full of ups and downs, I fall a lot but pick myself up and dust myself off again. I invite you to travel on this life journey with me......more

    Seasons South and North

     We are a part of nature. We are born with bodies constructed along the same lines as those of other mammals and with similar needs, and we die in the same way as other creatures. We are governed by nature's laws, the surest events in our lives: the sun always rises and sets, the moon always waxes and wanes, the seasons of the year follow on one another in the same order always....more
  • Secret Regrets Left Online

    What is the BIGGEST regret of your life? What ONE thing would you change if you had a second chance? This blog features people's secret regrets, posted anonymously online. It's a great forum to express your regrets without fear. It's also morphed into a great community support blog -- with complete strangers sharing their words of encouragment, opinions and support utilizing the anonymous comment function. Over 95% of the posts and comments are by women, making this a sure favorite for BlogHer fans ... ...more

    I regret every single day not saying goodbye to you. I really believed you when you told me that ...more

    See Cat Run

    My goal is to share my new healthy lifestyle that I'm learning to balance while on a budget. It isn't easy! I hope to inspire others and show that it is possible to be poor and live healthily. ...more

    See Jane Run

    See Jane Run is a blog about an ordinary girl (me:Jane) and all of her running adventures. From training, to fitness, nutrition, and even coaching, I include not only personal stories but tips as well for new and interested runners.Currently topics tend to focus on health and fitness through pregnancy, as I run through my very first pregnancy.  Due date for my first little one is Aug 8....more

    See Jane Soar! Life Lessons From Successful Women

    These life lessons from strong, successful women in history - both past and present - can help us live fully, deeply, and madly! ...more

    See lizzie Tri

    In my blog you will read all about training for various endurance events. In addition, I also tend to write about the crazy antics of my life with my husband, our three cats, and two dogs. My blog, just like me, is a constant work in progress....more

    See Mama Run!

    Location Neenah, Wisconsin United States See map: Google Maps See Mama Run! is a blog chronicling the daily life of Jessica, a fitness-obsessed endurance athlete, fashionista, and Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home-mom of two insanely energetic little boys. Jessica’s blog has become a highly entertaining and very personal log of her efforts to balance her obsession with fitness with the everyday challenges of mommyhood....more

    See Sara Shrink!

    Hi Y’all!  I’m a deep-fried Southern girl, born and raised in North Carolina.  I’ve recently relocated to Boulder, Colorado and I am determined to adopt the healthy lifestyle of the people around me! It’s time for a real shift in my lifestyle – a paradigm shift that will create new habits and result in a thinner, happier, and hopefully better, Sara. A Sara 100 pounds lighter than I was when I started!...more

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