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    Waisting Duxie

    A weight loss blog chronicling my quest to shed over 100 lbs. I share stories about my progress, weekly menus and recipes. I'm starting this after having already lost over 30 lbs using WeightWatchers and a daily exercise plan....more

    Waisting Time

    My name is Karen and I am a reforming yo-yo dieter, on my way to what I now consider a lifelong journey of healthy living; I blog about my progress (and missteps) and sometimes about life in general....more

    Waiting for the Storm to End

    This is the story of a young mother's journey through breast cancer and beyond. I was a happy, 28 year old, mother of two and nursing student, when my husband found a lump in my breast. I knew that I should get it checked, but decided I was too busy and didn't have the time to deal with it. Three months later, just after graduation, I finally made an appointment. Although my doctor felt it was probably nothing, he sent me for testing....more

    Waiting On Life-challenges with infertility

    My life in general is not very exciting (perhaps that is why I never get any comments on my blog-yes I do want comments!). Generally, I get up, go to work, work 9 hrs, come home, exercise, make dinner, watch TV, read, go to sleep, repeat. Of course there are little do dads in-between, but somehow posting that I went to the grocery store or Target or whatever the errand may be just seems blah, redundant and well-boring. ...more

    Waits and Measure(ment)s

    Location Ohio United States See map: Google Maps Waits and Measure(ments) is a blog that is helping me push through fears and obstacles to create a healthier and happier life for myself and my family.  It's to help me stop WAITing  for the right moments, or time and to just go for it!  It'sn to help me find the thigs that are really important when it comes to MEASURE(ment)S.  Not just numbers on a tape measure or scale. ...more

    Wake-Up Call Coaching

    Wake-Up Call Coaching is dedicated to waking people up to the truth about how fabulous they are. We utlize success coaching and life coaching tools to empower people to open their eyes to the happiness that exists right in this very moment. Join our community of like-minded powerhouses at: And check out the FREE Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series featuring the most respected women experts of our time at     ...more

    Waking Sophie- Our Journey through the Biomedical Treatment of Autism

    This is our my blog about treating my daughter for autism using biomedical methods including the gf/cf diet. ...more

    Walking for weight loss - one step at a time

    40 ish fatty who lives less than 30 secs from some of the best countryside in the UK but is currently too lazy to even walk up the street. Aiming to be a slim, foxy, drop dead gorgeous goddess in a mountain rescue jacket by December 2009. Wish me luck and feel free to throw insults at me if I’m not out walking every single bloody day of 2009. ...more

    Walking Off the Big Apple

    Walking Off the Big Apple is one woman's illustrated daily walking journal of trying to stay fit and lose weight while enjoying the culinary and cultural landscape of New York City. Launched in the summer of 2007, the blog offers up advice on New York sightseeing, culture, New Yorkers, art exhibits, restaurants, stores, walking itineraries, and weight and fitness goals. Humorous and richly illustrated with the author's drawings, the blog serves to make exercise and fitness goals an integral part of an expansive adventurous life. ...more

    Walking the Borderline

    My name is Karen and I write a blog showcasing what it's like living with Borderline Personality Disorder ...more

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