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    A Crafty Balance

    A Crafty Balance is a blog that documents the day-to-day tidbits of being a full-time working mom, a crafter, a gardener, and a home cook.  The blog chronicles the mundane details of my family life, and memorializes all of my DIY projects from knitting, sewing, and crafting.   Family.  Work.  Crafts.  The ultimate balancing act....more

    A Cultivated Nest

    Location United States See map: Google Maps I’m a big believer in thrifting, buying on clearance, trash picking and re-purposing. A cozy home with lots of personality is the look I like!  I love making something out of nothing and I’m all about using my creativity and not relying on my wallet in order to cultivate beauty in my home and garden. I have lots of gardening, frugal living tips and ideas on how to make your cottage home beautiful on a budget....more

    A Dash of Megnut

    A Dash of Megnut is a blog written by me, Megan, a girl in her early twenties trying to make it in Chicago as an accountant. On my blog, you'll find lots of tasty treats with the occasional DIY project or craft. ...more

    A Day in the Life of Karen

    The past four years being married to my best friend have been amazing.  After a three years struggle with infertility and miscarriage, we are finally expecting our first baby this Christmas.  It is truly an amazing miracle given to us by God and we couldn't be more blessed.I live in Cleveland but am a Southern girl at heart.  I am passionate about decorating our newly built home, our growing neighborhood, Target, looking good, my career as an Accountant, HGTV, and staying in shape. ...more

    A Day in the Life of Me-Junko

    Location Seattle, WA United States See map: Google Maps Finding pure bliss in everyday things whether it's spending time with my family and friends, shopping, crafting, cooking......more

    A Desert Quilter

    This is my blog where I share all that inspires me. I create but I love to inspire creation too....more

    A Design Story

    Hi! I am Lindsay Milner, the owner and designer of A Design Story, LLC. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the Department of Interior Design from the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design. I have experience in high-end residential, boutique, small scale commercial, healthcare and hospitality design. I am an interior designer locally in both Sarasota, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. In addition to designing locally in Sarasota, Florida, I also blog daily with topics like designer tips, DIY Projects, tutorials, real estate, giveaways & more!...more

    a devine life

    Robyn is a 30-something newlywed who has focused her life on craft, sustainability, and changing the planet for good. Having been a crafter most of her life, it wasn’t until recently she discovered she could meld her love of handmades with her passion to help the world become a better place for all humans, instead of a place that seemed to work only for a privileged few.   ...more

    A Disney Wedding

    Our Walt Disney World wedding blog...more

    A Diva's Hammer...Wielded By The Muse

    Prose is music ... an emotional symphony flowing from my heart and soul. I live and breathe the moments of the day as if they were my last. My earthly existence is bound up in an ever swirling, ever growing cocoon of creativity. There is a spiritual joy I obtain dwelling in the world of art, design, programming and literature ... This combination is yet another layer, another facet...another trait of being a Modern Day Renaissance Woman... ...more

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