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    A Little Precious

    As a jewellery maker I know that beads and gemstones make us feel exquisitely beautiful and more appealing but as a writer there's no doubt that laughter and happiness, kindness and caring, inspiring and sharing are all equally resplendent jewels of our multi-faceted personalities. Life is about choice, choose to shine and sparkle on a daily basis....more

    A Lizard's Daily Journey

    Everyday life & Photos ...more

    A Lovely Thing Blog

    I talk about decorating -- usually on a small scale with beautiful objects old and new. Antiquing, shopping, container gardening are high on my list of subjects. An expert in crochet and an amateur at knitting, needlearts, patterns and yarn are passions! I'm just starting the online portion of my new business -- so I will no doubt talk about the learning process -- sometimes quite painful. ...more

    A Meeshmellow World

    I blog about my daily life, which includes family moments, pet updates, craft projects, and my current interests. ...more

    A Mélange of Contradictory Tendencies

    A neuroses-induced mom blog by two addlepated women....more

    A Metalsmith's Journey

    This blog chronicles one woman's journey into metalsmithing and also provides networking and educational opportunities for those interested in metalsmithing. ...more

    A Metalsmith's Journey

    One woman's journey into a hobby turned passion. The life of a reluctant metalsmoth. This blog shares the process and offers networking and educational opportunities for metalsmiths ...more

    A mind on design

    I am a not so young interior design student.   I blog about all things design related and share stories of events in my life....good or bad.    I am passionate about design.  I also do some DIY.    My experiences good or bad are shared as I make my way through interior design school ....and Life!!...more

    A Modern Mountain Life

    Location Denver, Colorado United States See map: Google Maps We're exploring life in Colorado with our redheaded pups Penny and Greta. We traded the Pacific Ocean in Seattle for the Rocky Mountains in Colorado - and rainy gray skies for blinding, unending sunshine. New friends and new adventures have followed. 2011 was the year we started to tackle a big project - building a ski house in the mountains of Breckenridge. And 2012 is the year we will finish it!...more

    A Musing Mom Speaks

    One mom's thoughts on faith, parenting and life in general; along with some inexpensive gift ideas and instructions. ...more

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