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    A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps I am a SAHM living in the suburbs in Canada.  I want to make my world fun, beautiful and fabulous!  And I blog about it all!...more
  • A Print A Day

    I started my blog as a way to challenge myself creatively by creating a surface print every day. I am an apparel and textile designer based in the Bay Area, and I would like to use the blog to showcase my designs, and a bit of my personal life as well as it relates to my work. ...more
    hello Aprintaday. I really love your feather print and everytime I try and download I'm blocked. ...more

    A Quest for Relevance

    This little blog is simply my corner of the world. It's about my everyday life as a working mom, wife, writer, knitter, and internet addict. I may show off my latest knitting creations, or give you a glimpse into the life of a small publication editor. I may gripe about my kids, or give thanks to my Lord and Savior. You just never know what you might stumble across on a quest for relevance... ...more

    A Question of Perspective

    A creative kickstart. Participation encouraged. My name is Elisa DelBonis. I write stuff. Or, at least, I used to write stuff. ...more

    A Quilty Kind of Girl

    The adventures of my quilty life as I juggle 8 kids, a long arming husband, and a quilt  making addiction....more
  • A Really Artsy Fartsy Blog

    This is an online sketchbook of artist and creative consultant, Ellen Dygert. ...more

    Some good art, plan to check again to see more.more

    A Roller Girl: Taking Note of Life Day by Day

    roller girl is a recent graduate from college...writing thoughts, ideas, inspirations & other things of those sort. searching to find happiness every day and finding it in the big, little, warm & earthy things! ...more

    A Rural Journal

    Location Rural Washington County United States See map: Google Maps A Rural Journal is a blog about my frugal, simple life, on an 80-acre farm in eastern Nebraska. You will find information about doing-it-yourself projects, cooking, baking, photography, rural living and insights on how to live a better, more fulfilling life. Whether you are a country or city dweller -- A Rural Journal offers a common-sense view on how to enjoy life's simple pleasures....more

    A Sagittarian Diet

    Location United States See map: Google Maps This is a personal chronicle of my battle with depression. I look for natural remedies and resources that are available to someone of extremely limited means, in other words, flat broke and uninsured. I take a more cathartic approach more suitable to my personality,and what I truly want from life. I happened to notice that my personality mirrors all those horoscope descriptions of my zodiac sign, which I thought was pretty cool. I still think depression is a dirty little secret for too many women. I've hid mine for years,until it dominated virtually every aspect of my life....more

    A Shared Mile

    A little cooking, a little science, a little travel...a blog about lifes adventures and the people we share them with ...more

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