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    a hippie with a minivan...

    I am a stay at home mama of three gorgeous boys in a little town in Quebec. My boys make sure that I never have a boring day. We unschool, we believe in living consensually and respectfully and we try to live as Naturally as possible. This blog is about my life... parenting, unschooling, cooking, sewing and whatever else comes to mind... ...more

    A Home in the Making

    A Home in the Making chronicles Chris and Jenn's adventures updating and decorating our 1928 Portland bungalow. Along the way we also share the inspirations behind our decisions, DIY renovations and creations. And, don't be surprised to see an amazing (and usually gluten-gree) recipe pop up from time to time. A Home in the Making began when Jenn moved into Chris' house nearly three years ago. The house was a recent purchase and pretty run down.Jenn was freaking out because it wasn't *home.* Determined to transform this house into a home we love, we launched A Home in the Making....more

    A House and Yard

    This is where I write about my house and yard. There's remodeling and decorating happening inside. On the outside, there are flower beds to tend and porches to dress up. Every now and then a little bit of real life is thrown into the mix. One thing you can be certain of here is that there will be color....more

    A House Called Nut

    This blog is about the adventures of three urbanites (one American, one Finn, one dog of no fixed nationality) displaced to the Finnish countryside. In December 2008, we took up residence in Pähkinä (Finnish for “nut”) after a little joke about moving into our friend’s pretty, yellow cottage suddenly became a reality. If years of London living made our previous move to Helsinki seem like walking through a revolving door into a pasture of cows, what will become of this little walk in the woods? ...more

    A Jill of All Trades

    My personal blog. I also have a mom blog! ...more

    A Journey Called Life

    A blog on my other passions and works. ...more

    A Kiss and A Peck

    Homemaking With Humor and Heart ...more

    A Kitchen Rebellion

    Location Northern Illinois United States See map: Google Maps 20-something foodaholic and tired of eating like crap. Substitute teacher extraordinaire. Most days confined to house (ahh the life of a sub) with two psychotic dogs, The Penny Monster and Mr. Cooper. 1 Husband (Brandon), 34 chickens, gazillion projects to do around the house. Why not start a blog?  ...more

    a l k e e m i

    a l k e e m i is a San Francisco based blogger, hopeful photographer, newlywed, and figurative painter....more

    A Laughing Gypsy

    "CELEBRATE WITHOUT CEASE THE GOOD LUCK OF GETTING SET DOWN HERE ON A LIVELY EARTH!" --Random ramblings on life, the universe and everything. WARNING! May include graphic depiction ...more

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