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    A life in flux

    In 2009, I woke up from my 70 hour work week life and realized I wanted a change desperately. I was miserable, over weight, exhausted and in a rut. The worst part was my daughter was paying that price right along with me. Lifeinflux is my ongoing journey as I makeover my life and work towards defining and living my ultimate life. My name is Jeri. Please join me on the road towards reclaiming my inner artist, my inner athlete, my inner champion and my own life's head cheerleader while parenting and homeschooling a tween girl. ...more

    A Little Great

    This blog is the brainchild of two life-long friends. We asked some of our brilliant friends to help us share greatness with our fellow women and A Little Great is the result. Posts include:FashionHome DesignParenting and Marrige AdviceStories of inspirational womenFitnessCuisineCraftsOrgainizationBook recommendationsand so much more!...more

    A Little Hut

    The blog of a graphic designer working on projects away from the computer. ...more

    A Little Moore

    Life, Family & Crafts ...more

    a little of this

    A crafty, cooking, quilting, eco-friendly, mommy/family blog.  I was a pediatric intensive care nurse in my former life.  I'm living in Wisconsin and have two little ones.  ...more

    A Little of This and That

    I'm an average girl who blogs about the stuff i love... ...and I love words, flowers, baking, shopping, crafts, photography and the beach. On any given day you'll find posts about style icons, fashion, bargain hunting, photography, baking, beauty, shopping, graphic design, crafts, food, home design, sewing and lots of other things! Basically, it's a little of this and that. (hence the name)...more

    A Little Precious

    As a jewellery maker I know that beads and gemstones make us feel exquisitely beautiful and more appealing but as a writer there's no doubt that laughter and happiness, kindness and caring, inspiring and sharing are all equally resplendent jewels of our multi-faceted personalities. Life is about choice, choose to shine and sparkle on a daily basis....more

    A Lizard's Daily Journey

    Everyday life & Photos ...more

    A Lovely Thing Blog

    I talk about decorating -- usually on a small scale with beautiful objects old and new. Antiquing, shopping, container gardening are high on my list of subjects. An expert in crochet and an amateur at knitting, needlearts, patterns and yarn are passions! I'm just starting the online portion of my new business -- so I will no doubt talk about the learning process -- sometimes quite painful. ...more

    A Meeshmellow World

    I blog about my daily life, which includes family moments, pet updates, craft projects, and my current interests. ...more

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