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    A Quilty Kind of Girl

    The adventures of my quilty life as I juggle 8 kids, a long arming husband, and a quilt  making addiction....more
  • A Really Artsy Fartsy Blog

    This is an online sketchbook of artist and creative consultant, Ellen Dygert. ...more

    Some good art, plan to check again to see more.more

    A Roller Girl: Taking Note of Life Day by Day

    roller girl is a recent graduate from college...writing thoughts, ideas, inspirations & other things of those sort. searching to find happiness every day and finding it in the big, little, warm & earthy things! ...more

    A Rural Journal

    Location Rural Washington County United States See map: Google Maps A Rural Journal is a blog about my frugal, simple life, on an 80-acre farm in eastern Nebraska. You will find information about doing-it-yourself projects, cooking, baking, photography, rural living and insights on how to live a better, more fulfilling life. Whether you are a country or city dweller -- A Rural Journal offers a common-sense view on how to enjoy life's simple pleasures....more

    A Sagittarian Diet

    Location United States See map: Google Maps This is a personal chronicle of my battle with depression. I look for natural remedies and resources that are available to someone of extremely limited means, in other words, flat broke and uninsured. I take a more cathartic approach more suitable to my personality,and what I truly want from life. I happened to notice that my personality mirrors all those horoscope descriptions of my zodiac sign, which I thought was pretty cool. I still think depression is a dirty little secret for too many women. I've hid mine for years,until it dominated virtually every aspect of my life....more

    A Shared Mile

    A little cooking, a little science, a little travel...a blog about lifes adventures and the people we share them with ...more

    a sheep in wolves' awesome squared

    I'm an {ahem} "advanced" graduate student in research who incidentally had the awesome fortune of meeting the love of her life while in school. This is the blog of a skeptic-turned-believer, and the chronicle of our love story....more

    A Shimmy In My Spirit

    I am a photographer and mixed media artist who lives and works in the California Wine Country. This blog is about the things that "put a shimmy in my spirit" - art, photography, travel, dancing, chocolate, journaling, flea markets, and living in and decorating a small space. ...more

    A Simmering Pot and a Mom

    Our family's adventures in cooking, parenting, and building a suburban homestead....more

    A Simply, Lovely, Life.~ The Buhl Family

    Written by a mom of three, this blog is about real life....the ups and downs of raising a family, and all of those inbetween moments that need to be written regardless of the insignificance. It includes candid stories about the adoption of our first child, how I cope with my crazy(adorable) 2 year old and baby, and lots of pictures to prove that life gets messy sometimes. There's easy recipes to use on those nights that you're just too worn out to cook a big meal, and craft ideas for the frugal minded....more

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